How do antidepressants work for you?

Does your antidepressant completely clear your depression? I’ve been put on 10mg of vortioxetine and it’s working but I’m still depressed. It goes up to 20mg, should I be asking for an increase?

Yes you could ask for an increase.

When my psychiatrist first put me on lexapro, it was just 10mg for anxiety. It worked really quickly to dispell the anxiety I had.

Then when I started feeling really depressed and suicidal he upped the dose to 20 mg. That didn’t really touch the depression so he upped it again to 30 mg.

I think it has started to work now. I no longer feel suicidal.


Just found this:

The recommended starting dose is 10 mg administered orally once daily without regard to meals. Dosage should then be increased to 20 mg/day, as tolerated, because higher doses demonstrated better treatment effects in trials conducted in the United States. The efficacy and safety of doses above 20 mg/day have not been evaluated in controlled clinical trials. A dose decrease down to 5 mg/day may be considered for patients who do not tolerate higher doses

It looks like my doctor might already be planning on increasing it.


My antidepressant clears up my depression takes away constant thoughts of death and suicidal thoughts and helps me enjoy getting things done and doing my hobbies and excersize.

I dropped my dose from 150mg to 125mg and felt more relaxed but did not want to get at doing things and suicidal thoughts started creeping in. went back to 150mg for going on three weeks now and feel alot better about doing things and suicidal thoughts have gone away.

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I have been on anti depressants since 1999.I had depression psychosis. Ever since I have been on them I haven’t been depressed. I started with Zoloft and it took it away within a few days. The doctor kept switching them though. I have been on paxil, celexa and serzone I am currently on Lexapro for last 12 years. It works well for me

Antidepressants make me lay in bed depressed all day. I have depression but both strattera and wellbutrin made me depressed and suicidal

ive tried some ads in the past but the last one made me even more anxious and paranoid. it was Zoloft… most of ads make me agitated so i couldn’t handle them… but of course, i didn’t tried them all, there are so many ads out there…

I’ve been on all kinds of antidepressants and they don’t work on me.

I was on 100 mg Zoloft for a while and after my bad episode post dropping Abilify she raised it to 150. It worked fabulously for me until I quit Abilify. Now I’m still depressed, but it isn’t as bad as it was. I’m more dysthymic now. And I don’t feel like its chemical anymore I feel like it’s because I’m unsatisfied with my life.

Conflicted with my antiphychotics and made me worse in many ways.

I’ve been on and off ads for about ten years. I think they just take the edge off. Sometimes I don’t think they’re doing anything. That’s when I stop taking them for a little. But everyone is different

Been on seroxat sixteen years helps a lot

They take s9oooooo long to work. I’ve had success in the past but then they stop working or I feel so much better I don’t believe I need them anymore and then it returns. Wellbutrin worked for me in the past I’m hoping it’ll work together with the lamictal I’m taking now.

I take olanzapine in a small dose for my depression. If I took it in a higher dose (10mg or more) and without amisulpride (my main med) then it would have the opposite effect and make me a zombie. In a small dose (2,5mg-5mg) it works well to lift the depression a little.