How difficult it is to change as a person?

Changing as a person, how difficult it is? Probably the biggest fear changing as a person is losing some of your loved habits. But if one would at least drop off their negative thoughts, it would already be something. The tactics could help on these. Also, one should never trying to become someone else - rather a better version of YOU.


I think i dont want to change as a person - but SZ has changed me

And I want my old self back. I was happy with that person.


I agree with that. I think schizophrenia does cause a change. I also do think though that most people do not change that much.


I know I need to change my drinking habits. I can cope with the SZA. I don’t have intrusive and racing thoughts now with my increase in Invega. I feel I can cope better, its just the alcohol problems I have now.


Id probably say its very easy to change as a person but takes a long time. Virtue is all about developing the right habits right? Fortunately doing a single act of kindness is easy. We just have to keep it going :slight_smile: so as easy as one step, but the journey is miles.

I changed. I’m a different person than who I was 3 years ago. A lot of my opinions have changed, because reading and hearing other people’s perspectives made me open my mind. I’m definitely more open minded, now.

I think I changed for the better. :relaxed:

I didn’t force it. It just kinda… happened. And I’m glad it happened.


I feel like i have changed as a person a lot. I know there is no going back to my old self though. I have to keep building where im at. Change comes as a byproduct to dilligent effort, luck, power, sacrifice. I also dont necessarily think change happens slowly over time. It is one way and then it changes all of a sudden.

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It’s hard I tell you to become what you really want to change into. But you’ll change anyways.

It’s a good thing if they’re destructive habits like abusing substances.

Also, no. Not easy at all. Been working at changing for over thirty years and I’m only partway done.

sz changes me all the time… because of the emptiness and pain that was inflicted.

all of these things are habits. habits of the mind. it is only as difficult as you imagine it is, since what you are trying to change is an idea in the first place, but changing as a person can be difficult because we manifest our environment and that plays in to making us who we are. Once we are surrounded with people, places, and situations we tend to stay in the same mode of action and the systems around us expect us to act a certain way. But you can change. Everything else changes, why should we be special?

I am a much better person now than before thanks to my meds.

To change significantly is extremely difficult. Imo.

Idk where he’s gone but @treebeard used to talk about genetics and personality.

I do agree to a certain degree.

But not saying it is impossible imo.

Treebeard anoned awhile back.

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Aw that’s sad he was an interesting character

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That moment to decide i have changed. Is the best moment, but the meds make it even harder to change.
I feel the meds keeps only the strogest of strong memories.
Its like I decide to change today not gonna happen, it may take months, of hard dedication.
One way its good.

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