How did your illness affect your soul?

I do not feel as connected to the whole entire world as I used to.
And my zeal for life has changed although it is still there somewhat it is different.

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I feel my soul has weakened. I don’t cry anymore, I can’t take stress, and I zone out often.

I don’t miss the emotional wreck I used to be. But I do wish I could be giddy, euphoric, or truly sad.

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I can’t take a stress either.But my emotions are still present,although I get very wrong about people.I can’t tell if someone brings stress to me or I can’t recognize friendship.

My soul is the essence of who I am and how I handle everything in life. I feel like my soul is being challenged and I am losing in the battle (usually). I blame a spirit but I don’t understand why he is doing this to me. He is destroying me with depression.

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Yes,I think that depression,for me deep one,is not letting my soul space.We are bounded by worries and sometimes forget how pureness of soul is important.But soul is essence of human life.

Having sz has caused me to be unlikeable. That has deeply bruised my soul.

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@Here4You ,are you in some church?

Yes, I am in a Christian church. Perhaps I should turn to the leaders of my church and ask for help with my spiritual battle. Yes.
I understand that you are being sincerely concerned and I thank you for that. However, we cannot get into the matter further here on this website due to the rules of not discussing religions.

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I understand,those fight what you talked about can affect people who are deeply in faith.There is so much battles to fight until we make it right.

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Thank you! You have really helped me with this.

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My soul never left me, it’s just waiting on the sidelines until I catch up.
Then we shall leave this place behind and fly away.

Actually,you helped me a lot,because I thought I’m only one who fights for purity of soul.I’m only sorry that we can’t discuss it,but if you want,you can always pm me.I know some things are hard to fight alone.

I lost my spiritual core when I was first diagnosed, and lost my identity a bit. But over time I realized who I was and regained my identity and spirituality. It has been comforting when I feel down. I feel better about myself and who I am now. I hope you do too.

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Spirit and soul are connected.But more than spiritual thing,I take more care about my soul is in right place.

I think it affected my soul in the way that my life isn’t what I expected it to be. I think a lot of people suffer from a different things. I just happen to suffer from a mental illness. I wouldn’t say it has broken me. Maybe it’s like getting hit in the face with a curveball.

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I feel like my illness was hurting my soul but it was bearable to the journey of finding the right cocktail of meds *
this has made my soul feel worse.


Every day is fight.I use all means to preserve my soul.

I felt like I lost something that I will never get back. Idk it might be a part of my soul

Why can’t you say on?

mine got stronger

from reading, writing, and getting really into contemporary Christian music.

but then it just started to slowly fade. I can’t wait to out in the prayer garden at Grace camp in town. that seems to help.