How did you survive the Great Outage of December 2015?

I think @anon31257746 broke the site this time :smile_cat:

I finished up Christmas shopping and sulked. You?


I was only aware the site was down for a couple of hours but I just drank eggnog and smoked cigarettes…argghh…somebody tell me how to stop !!

You should have been here for the months-long Outage of 2013.

I slept and wandered in the internet lost and confused.

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I have read ancient texts about those dark times. Those who survived it are still revered for their strength of spirit.

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Same here. Kept coming back and refreshing and trying to make sense of the error messages.


I missed you rhubes! I was so scared and alone out there, went to other forums to seek some guindance but they’re just not the same

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I kept thinking, I should see what @Minnii’s up to, and then remembering :crying_cat_face: I was like a goldfish.

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did i miss something again !?! :flushed:
take care :alien:

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Sorry guys I just love turtles :slight_smile:


I did all my Christmas shopping and watched football

Now watching Uconn basketball

The guy in my avatar is dominating lol

noooooooo don’t do it agaaaaaaaaaaiiiin :scream_cat:

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I worked on a new program.

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Lift weights, write up appeals…

I called my psychiatrist…twice… :tired_face:

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