How did you create your username?

How did you come up with the username you have? There are some interesting names on this forum, which are not real names, and I would be interested to know how you came up with them. Mine was very simple - my real name is Saadiqah, so my username is Saadiqah. Thought of changing it but too much effort.


pedro is peter…peter is me name


Sasha is the short form of Alexandra my name.

I thought it would be fun to show you my name in Russian:

Саша - Александра
Sasha - Alexandra


I created my username “radmedtech” years ago, when I was working as a pharmacy technician while going to college. It just stuck. aka I’m too lazy to change it on all my accounts lol.




Chinese horoscope, i was born in the year of the fire monkey.


I was Comatose on a swedish forum. I registered when I stopped sleeping and was almost comatose with hallucinations due to lack of sleep. This was before i got into hospital and stuff. At hospital later on I lie in bed for a week without eating or communicating to anyone. I don’t remember any of it. I was just turned off.

My user name is just my first name, plus the first initial of my last name. Not very creative, I know.

Mortimer Mouse was Walt Disney’s original name for Mickey Mouse, but Mortimer sounded morbid and means “dead sea” in Latin or something, so they named him Mickey.

Mortimer stems from “mort” meaning “death” so its edgy and skull ■■■■■■■.

And Im in the lightest weight class as a powerlifter so I am Mouse.


For patchofblue, my old user name. Needed a shorter one.


My name plain and simple. On other forums I use Schizoid, Lonelyschizo, or Ocke Azley. I dont real care for false monikers, but for a while there I thought it would be cool to have a separate online identity known as Ocke. I worked on that for a while but it all just blended back together over time. Wanted to pull a peter wiggin on the world, but I have since given up on the ambition. Schizophrenia got in the way.


Wave - not the kind of wave one does with their hand :wave: Its more about my mood shifts, Mania and mixed states hit me like a wave. My symptoms are like ocean waves as well - up and then down. Also it is about the brain and its “waves”

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My real name is James. I am very surprised about a lot of things. I’m surprised I’m not dead. I’m surprised I’m not still in hospital. I’m surprised about a lot of good luck in my life. I’m surprised everyday I get better.

Plus, I’m the oldest of 4 boys and one sis… James, Jacob, Jack and John and of course my surprising kid sister Riley.

I’m the surprise boy. Born 4 months after my parents wedding.

There is a lot of surprising stuff in my life.


I opened up a fortune cookie and inside it said, “You are now 77nick77”.
But seriously, When I stumbled onto this site, and registered I didn’t read all the rules and guidelines, so I mistakenly gave my real name, which SZ Admin warns against. But it was too late. The numbers are a random choice, they don’t have any special meaning or significance.


Mine “Lunaseer” is a play on words, and at the time I didn’t realize that quite a few others use the same username on various groups…

It sounds like “lunacy” at first but is a combination of Luna and Seer which speak for themselves.
It sort of incorporates the actual meaning of the word Seer but also see - er as one who sees, or one who sees at night or in the moonlight…sees things that are a harder to see…

It had nothing to do with Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter, even though she is my favorite character, and I know if I went to Hogwarts she would have been my best friend like Harry & Hermione were…

The E part is for my old username from 2011 which I no longer use.

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I used to troll yahoo chat a lot about ten years ago. I would change my “handle” often, I guess when I stopped I had kept this name attached to it, so when I started using this email address again I just left it. (I log in through yahoo). It’s oddly appropriate nowadays I guess. Funny how that happens.

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Cat Stevens has a website.When you sign up, it gives you a username. You can change it once you are on there, but I liked it-```


i get called ’ dragon sith ’ and ’ dark sith ’ those are my real names, it’s a family thing.
take care


My usename is bananatto, not much meaning it’s just banana + natto.
Natto is a Japanese food and since I’m from Japan, I add it to banana which is one of my fave food.

My real name is Rie, 理絵 in kanji.

@mortimermouse I saw a pic of you wearing a T-shirt with “力”
Great for a powerlifter :wink:


Had Baked Beans every night for dinner. Trying to explore other options now. :smiley:


thanks! I am a Japanophile. I watch anime and love sushi and stuff. And some other Japanese stuff called hentai, im sure youve heard of it.