How did u quit smoking?

I just stopped. It was acceptable where I lived before but was unacceptable in my culture so when I got home I just stopped.

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I was a heavy smoker years ago, then one day I decided to quit cold turkey.

I’ve been smoke free for over many years now.

I’ve never looked back

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I quit the darts but i just chew tobacco now so. I didnt want to quit tobacco just couldnt breath anymore.


I read smoking makes you happy. When i don’t smoke i am not happy, but i understand being happy or joyful is soewhat important.

I want to stop smoking too

Wean!! It took months but I did it.

Count how many you have a day, and then each week try and have a few less each day. You wont always progress but over time you cut down until you can give it up.

I started having problems breathing and had emphysema so I quit cold turkey. Emphysema killed my grandmother, but she continued to smoke until the day she died. It was May of 2011 that I quit.

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I was determined anc had the strong will power.

I tried to put a golden coin in a jar every day I didn’t smoke.