How did staying on meds change your life?

If all goes well I’ll be able to get my meds tomorrow. I’m planning on staying on them for at least a year to see how things change. How have meds changed you life? I’d like to be able to get and keep a job


Easy. Before meds some serious paranoia prevented me from having romantic relationships with women. I’d blame everything else like I was shy, etc but honestly it was just plain old paranoia.

Meds keep me balanced. I still get symptoms so don’t get me wrong and I’m on disability but I live a rich and realized life…

I wish I got on them sooner…I was 29 when first diagnosed and put on the pills…


The meds destroyed my life… sorry

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I’ve been on zyprexa for 24 years. I decided if I was gonna have to take meds the rest of my life it would have to be something I could tolerate. Thankfully the side effects from zyprexa aren’t bad other than feeling tired. I’ve tried other meds and some I couldn’t tie my own shoes I was so drugged.

Working on zyprexa was very difficult. If I didn’t get 10 hours sleep I couldn’t barely make it through the day. Also getting laid off or fired I didn’t have insurance and would have had to pay cash for my meds. Zyprexa is $600 for a month supply.

I had to go on disability because I kept losing my job and I needed stable health insurance.

Having health insurance if you’re in America is something to consider when working with schiz.

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Fair enough. I really hope you do find something that works for you tho cause I’ve tried for years without taking them and just can’t do it

Yeah I get it. I would advise to stay on meds.

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Meds kinda ruined my life too but it would be worse without them

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Im hoping to find something that works well for me , its a long road but I believe that there is something that works for everyone as individuals

Thanks a lot for your insight. Honestly even from the time I was diagnosed I thought I could never afford them and so I never let myself seriously consider them as a long term thing. It’s always been get them when it’s bad and then stop. Since then I’ve been seeking alternate ways but ive determined now to stay on them for at least a year and hopefully see some improvement in my life. Waking up every morning with hallucinations for months straight is unbearable even if I have to work hard to buy them. Luckily I found abilify online for $200

Ordering meds online is dangerous i think

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Thanks songbird finding the right med can be daunting but I agree it’s worth it in the end when you find a medication that works

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Yea you’re right I intend to do my research first . I’m gonna buy them from a pharmacy for now and in the future hopefully be able to pay less . Not recommending it just saying apparently that’s approximately what I’ll have to pay plus the pharmacy markup

I appreciate the wisdom!

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I was on the wrong meds for 28 years that kept me psychotic, paranoid, depressed and suicidal for all of that time. Meds like Perphenazine, Lithium, Depakote, Zoloft all of which did not work on my symptoms but even made them worse.

When I moved to corn country in the Midwest, USA, the pdoc at the VA there took me off of all my meds and started over clean slate. He put me on Risperdal, Depakote and Serzone. My suicidality immediately improved but it didn’t disappear.

A new pdoc took me off Depakote and started Tegretol. All my depression and suicidality suddenly vanished for good. Now, all that was left was my psychosis.

I experienced hallucinations in all sensory spheres, paranoid, grandiose and religious delusions, delusions of reference, delusions of control, thought insertions, thought broadcasting and telepathy. My pdoc put me on Risperdal Consta and combined it with two other AP’s Geodon and Seroquel, along with an AD Celexa. And that did the trick. I was free of psychosis as well as depression.


I think part of your post got cut off there. O was gonna say tho I can relate after being put on invega I hated meds for so long until I got abilify which is manageable

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Wow that’s quite a success story. I think it takes some time to tailor medication to what helps your particular brain

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You seem to know a lot about schizophrenia . I haven’t really sit down an actually analyzed my symptoms to that extent. Maybe I’ll be able to so that better when I’m healhier. Thanks for the input. You seem to be managing very well

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The drugs are impairing my cognitive abilities, feeling more tired, sluggish, harder to get motivated etc, but it’s better than psychosis, and I guess that’s what it comes down to.


The meds did wonders for my positive symptoms - no more delusions or odd behaviours but they robbed me of my personal power

I lost my ability to see connections between things which was one of my biggest strengths

The meds also make me feel like a zombie


Thanks I hope you find a combo that works