How did feel when you started to come out of psychosis?

Were you relieved, happy, sad at what had happened?

I just wanted to know why I found myself in a mental hospital.

It was pretty sudden.

Once I come out of an episode, I want out of those places

Fingers crossed it doesn’t happen again

I have learned the hard way that I must take my medication for Psychosis - unless I want to fall ill again

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I went into a severe depression. My pdoc says this isn’t uncommon.

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Wow, did the meds work quickly to bring you out of it once you were in the hospital?

Makes complete sense. If I can ask, how long did your episode last before you got help?

Hard to say

Usually took a few weeks

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I got psychotic in 1980. About three years later I started becoming stabilized, but my symptoms were still strong. I really don’t know how to measure psychosis or pinpoint when I started coming out of it.

In the hospital in 1981 I was quietly, but extremely psychotic the entire time. Then one day my parents helped get me into a real upscale, fancy group home called a Residential Treatment Home. I left the hospital and I lived in a two story house with 7 other clients in really close quarters with round the clock counselors.

People talk about environment as it relates to schizophrenia. Well suddenly, I went from living in the hospital for 8 months with 75 other patients to living in a nice home, in a nice neighborhood in an affluent college town near Stanford University. I was suddenly living in peace, no one really got on my case about anything.

The home was highly structured, that was their solution to mental illness. We had mandatory morning and night chores, we all ate dinner together, that we each took turns cooking. We had two groups a week (which I never talked at). We had scheduled outings once a month to places like the beach or museums up in San Francisco or going to a fancy restaurant.

The funny thing is that I don’t really remember my mental state. I just remember how comfortable it was there. But when we went on an outing to the Russian River I remember laying in the sand in a sleeping bag and I was just suffering and out of my mind. Just some real scary stuff going on in my head.

But, what the hell, the trip had some good points. I saw this lady from the house who liked me and always flirted with me, changing her clothes and not even trying to hide it, so I walked by and accidently saw her nude.

Yeah, looking back, I don’t where my psychosis started and where reality began. At this house, I suffered , but nothing as bad as when I was in the hospital. And 9 months after living there I got a job which I stayed at four years. I don’t know if I was psychotic during that period but I was heavily medicated.


What an interesting story you have!

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About 6 weeks fully psychotic but I had small symptoms/paranoia before that.

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I’m sorry you had to go through that. Can I ask how long it took for the meds to work to bring you out of it?

I was so overjoyed I was in tears, in front of my pdoc.


I was shattered because I realized I had like the worst mental disorder you can have. I spent weeks crying about never being able to reach my potential.

Then I got over the grief and started just being content with whatever happiness I can squeeze out of each day.


Like the longest worst comedown of all time.

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Wow, that is awesome. Can I ask how you knew you were coming out it, did certain feelings come back?

If I can ask too, did you come out of it because of antipsychotics?

Can I ask how you came out of it?

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Wow, can I ask how long it took?

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Time and medicine. It took a couple years trying different meds before I landed on the zyprexa at a dose that works for me though.

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Years, I came out of the hospital and was still very sick for a long time

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I’m sorry, if it’s ok to ask, how long did it take you to get stable?