How delusional can you be without psychosis?


I didn’t mean to support his delusions.
I just said that if it’s your religion or culture, probably it’s fine


I’m only human (the song haha) it fits to me very well and i like it being normal sz


I share your dismay. If it’s part of your culture then it is not a delusion.


Human is one thing I am not.


Do you take meds?


Only antidepressants, I refuse to take APs, but I have promised to give abilify a try on March


Why do you refuse? They saved me


Your symptoms seem to have been quite severe. According to medical science I’d have been in the schizophrenia spectrum for decades, yet no one ever noticed. It’s true that I haven’t worked in 20 years, but I guess that’s down to my own moral failings. All of a sudden I became sz?? Why? Even the doctors are baffled, and in truth I often feel like Jesus when he got lost and was found at the temple conversing with the doctors of the law


I appreciate you sharing this with me. But my beliefs are not particularly disruptive and I am in no way paranoid toward those I know. I very much doubt I suffer from sz, but as you can see, I can accept disagreement. My understanding is that truly delusional people become humourless and utterly uncapable of accepting criticism. Thanks once again


I’d just take those APs since that may develop into something you don’t want.



@seksoempirico This forum is a place to discuss your symptoms (such as delusions) in a recovery context. You seem to be in complete denial of your symptoms and not receptive to anyone else’s input to the contrary.