How crazy guys get lovin?

Listen all you people that are lonely, it’s not gonna last if you decide to do the things that you need to do. (That concludes having fun yes?).

Get dat!!!

Have you read it? It’s actually a great read!

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It goes to show you though…playing games with others guarantees they’ll play with you too. I’m too old to play dance club games and stuff it’s not me anymore…but yes I read the game by neil strauss. Yet I dunno if someone who has trouble with the ladies would really get the help he needed from a PUA>…

Oh, no, obviously I didn’t need help with the ladies, I am just fascinated with neuro-linguistic programming!

You can learn so much about social interaction.

Yes you can very awesome! Yet people have learned to abuse NLP and really play with people. I say just be careful what you study, and try to do your best to be the good one. I’ve met guys who were good at NLP yet they were ravenous pricks…I don’t want to be that type of person at all so I’ve been avoiding NLP studies. However, Ross Jefferies and some of those guys have learned how not to abuse their talents…(I hope). It’s amazing how you can look at glancing patternry and know what a person may be thinking in a broad perspective isn’t it?

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I find that the really rude guys hiding under a facade are actually pretty easy to spot. Women that crave attention are the ones stuck with them.

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Sometimes I feel love is a ballroom dance where everyone is blindfolded and quite unknowing of who they’re dancing with. It’s risky, it’s blind to an extent…but I think that once you start to really talk about something meaningful you begin to see the outlines of the face of love…check this one out!

I have been single since my divorce in America over 14 years ago. I have become used to it, I am not looking for any love, because I feel just ok being alone. Of course, there are a lot of people around me and see many people when I visit our local place for mentally ill. I feel great just like I am.


I was very lonely at times, I am a divorcee also. I would cry and think about how I just went wrong and I finally snapped to and said (you can’t fix this stuff it’s done). I began to move on and did not pursue any women, yet they began to come talk to me…I found that really interesting of them and tried my best to open up and nurture them in our relationship. I’ve been with my girlfriend for a year this month, and though we don’t have a lot of money to have a fancy Chicago dinner like fogo de chao or something…we’re really happy.

Love should be illegal and punishable by death.

Thats what got me into this shitty mess called earth.

They loved and then i fell out of a bloody vagina.

I despise love and all things love, it’s hideous, it’s just awful.

Okay there, zeusvirus…