How complicated do your hallucinations get?

I only recently became aware of delusions paranoid delusions and sense my “moment of realization” it seems i started having more serious hallucinations. As far as I’m aware prior to that all my hallucinations were minor or less complex… Prople talking about me, staring etc…“simple” hallucinations that blended well with reality, which is why it took me nearly a year to realize what was going on…

Last monday thought i had one that just blew those out of the water… i was laying in bed when all the sudden it sounded like I was surrounded by a 100 or so people all energetically talking… At this point, i got scared and grabed a notebook to document shat was happening. After a while this one voice started talking to me, Henry and i started talking with it… All the other voices seemed to suddenly be surprised that i could hear them which interrupted the conversations… I asked henry if they all were going to stay or what was going on… Henry said that only him and his family were going to stay because they were assigned to (not sure what assigned was supposed to mean)… Henry is around 6 yrs old turned and told everybody to leave and they all left except Henry, his 3 sisters and parents. I than stayed up all night talking with them and getting to know them… Henry’s oldest sister was deoressed because her boyfriend had recently died in a car accident. The youngest daughter was a sweet 4 year old. Andrea, the mother was fixing the hair of the younger daughters. David, the farther, was a railroad construction engineer and was looking around the house to find stuff to repair… So there were backstories for everyone of them
I saw them too, sort of… Black, shadow like 3D bodies, but those dissapeared when i turned the lights on, could still hear them thought.

David and Andrea said they were adopting me and that i am now part of the family and they would always be there for me…

This went on all of konday night, didn’t sleep just talked and had a good time for the entire night…

So i was wondering if anyone else has had hallucinations that were this complex? More complex? It’s amazing to me how it seemed that I was talking to real people with their own personalities…
Do you tend to have the same hallucinations come back again? I actually enjoyed that hallucination, would mind hanging out with them more… Is that bad??

I’m still in this state where i really don’t understand everything going on and getting used to the realization that i am a schizophrenic… Therapist and NP referred to me to an psycharitrist M.D. when everything came out… Seeing him in a week and half finally, can’t wait to get this all sorted out.

I lost my job, career and friends at the start of my apparant paranoid delusional break last fall, took me nearly a year to realize what was happening… I want/need answers


yeah that was complex

Yea i still dont understand why the voices manifest into personalities. Mines claimed to be dead people as well. Jamar was shot and killed at a party in west oakland and god sent him to me to teach me lessons about life. He was koo it just he wasnt the only voice i heard. I even heard my dead mom. But the thing is that these are just manifestion of your mind playing tricks on you. Cause the main thing is most of these voices want you to be delusional eventually. Like you have a mission from god or the govt is after you. What ever you respond to they play on that and make up stuff about it. The reason why they are nice and mean is to keep you confused and delusional. Its kind of like that story in the bible where the devil came to jesus christ and promised him riches and other stuff. Sometimes its koo to talk to them but just be aware that there not real and they want to play you. The only thing i learned from my bout with sz is that your mind can be your worst enemy at times amd thats pretty much learned through experience. If you like them then see how you can do without meds but just from my experience they wanna tallk all the time. Im pretty sure almost everyone else will tell u to go for meds as well. Best of luck to you

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Wow this hits pretty close to home to me. First I began to get really paranoid in public that people were talking about me and I’d overhear conversations from people but could never really pinpoint where it was coming from. At first it was kind of isolated and seemed to happen only when people were within earshot so I didn’t even consider that they could be hallucinations.

But then in my apartment I started to hear my “neighbors” talk about me and comment on what I was doing/what they saw… which was NOT something they could have seen from my windows. So I started to get paranoid that they had cameras set up in my place somehow, and once I got agitated they seemed to notice and so I began talking to them directly.

Long story short those voices were anything but benign and friendly and I went crazy taking apart everything in my place looking for cameras or microphones lol.

Of course I didn’t find any and checked myself inpatient to a mental ward, but still to this day can’t believe it was all fake. They really did have their own personalities and agendas, even insecurities. Your story helps big time with that though so thanks for sharing.

Here’s to hoping we all make it.

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@Phoenix90, your hallucinations sound a lot like my son’s hallucinations. He heard and saw his hallucinations very clearly and his delusional symptoms were very elaborate. Only his hallucinations were evil.

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