How common is it for a DR to DX someone with preexisting SZA to Bipolar disorder?

i had an appointment the other day with a local dr to start getting my invega shot once a month and she had mentioned that she thought i might have bipolar disorder…and had also brought up maybe me getting back on depakote (in which, i was only on depakote the last time i was in the psych ward and that was the only time if i remember right) i guess since it was in my file history she thought it might be beneficial… I was bipolar when i was in my teens going into my 20s… but havent really had a bipolar dx in over 10 years…

how common is it for people to get diagnosed with something different than their main dx on the mere chance of getting a new dr?

also i dont know yet if she is going to take over my case or not waiting to hear back from them. but i do know i can get my shot at her clinic when its due.

I had several diagnosis until I started writing to my counselor. As a writer I was able to talk about some of my more disturbing memories and thoughts and was given the designation of paranoid schizophrenia which I’ve pretty much kept since. So it may be what she learned that no one knew before. Also your symptoms can be changed by a drug, or a life event like a parent dying. Also not every doctor believes in schizoaffective disorder.

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