How come this site only selects atheists

Hey. Just email me and we can continue the disscusion. I was headed toward using subjective logic techniques as reality testing. :slight_smile:

they are the least delusional.

■■■■ your metaphysics… there is no way to know jack about it anyways… if there was a way to determine anything about metaphysics… it would become science…

if you think scientism is close-minded… you’re absolutely wrong…

ask yourself… really ask yourself… why do you need this metaphysics? mind you you have an illness… a medically diagnosed condition where you perceive things that are not real to anyone else…


Everyone has a metaphysics. For instance, the meta-ethics of many atheists is moral nihilism. This would mean if it were your preference to be an ax-murderer for instance, there would be nothing wrong with you chopping my head off.

Or how about the “scientism” there is no personal autonomy of an individual and their consciousness is merely observing actions they have no control of, like what Sam harris proposes. I personally consider that to be an “unhealthy” belief, but I don’t try to censor it.

I like turtles :blush: