How come everybody irl

Think I’m mr. know-it-all??? Every time I try to be kind and teach people how to do things and breakdown tasks at work?

It’s kinda of annoying where I’m just being me and helping them, because they are acting lazy and drunk.

They are being completely sarcastic and condescending.

Do you have any input?


People always want my help in fixing computers, some of them are only friends because I help them. Sucks, I feel like they’re using me, even family members. They pay nothing.


Maybe you need to improve interpersonal skills problem solving

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I think they have to work by thame selfs

I think It’s cool that you still don’t ask for anything in return :slightly_smiling_face:


I agree absolutely… I have to be in the same head-level for conversation with people who are drunk and stuff.

I know that but I don’t want to sound ratchet really at a workplace.


It depends on how you are giving that information. Did they ask for help or did you just volunteer the directions? People so not like to be embarrassed and just telling someone what to do without them asking for help is a good way to make them embarrassed.


Whenever I give someone help, I don’t ask them if I can help them. I also don’t volunteer my help either. I ask them what they are doing.
They will usually respond that they are trying to do something.
Then I ask them if they tried certain things. We usually try a few things before they resist if they are going to.
If they ever say, “I don’t need your help.”, I say, “I’m not helping you.”
Then when they inevitably say, “Yes you are!” I say, “You’re welcome.”

To be fair, this has worked both wonderfully and horribly in different situations. I still like it though.

I am the go-to tech guy in my family. Gets a little old after a while tbh.

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Maybe it is because you think they are drunk so you treat them differently.

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I like to telepathically give people advice, but they never listen to me. Frustrating.

Hmm I don’t necessarily have to tell them… that is not my responsibility… the thing is that there is literally no instructions given at the beginning and I just sort of ask around and “figure” it out.

I never order them to do things and I tell them upfront that I am NOT your boss.

This one colleague that had to be sent home because he was intoxicated and being belligerent towards me. It they insist calling me boss and try to have me accountable for their actions

Being drunk is not an excuse to harass people and curse.

I will treat you differently if your stepping into my bubble.

Sorry for the misunderstanding. I’m not saying that you are a bad person.

At least at work, and the person was a colleague and bothering me at work.

Nope never took it like that.

I just suggest them they may need a rest for a day by going home. Getting drunk and getting fired is really up to them.

And they get jealous for knowing more than them about work

I’m really not their boss and I do give them advice, but people seems to take it like I’m ordering them.

What kind of place do you work that people come I drunk a lot? Are they not firing them?


I work at an urban temporary employment agency… so there are a lot of people who has there problems in terms of employment.

Older folks don’t really care much about employment because either they have VA assistance, pensions or on SSI or SSDI.

Most of the time there are no supervisors watching over.