How close was your hallucinations to YouTube videos?

Have you ever seen a schiz simulator on YouTube? How close have are your hallucinations at any point to that? I’ve personally never been that paranoid along with voices but it was similar

For example

i had dp dr and my vision had 2 dimensional aspects or quality to it. No extra shapes, dimensions or people and rarely if any shadows.

My external world and life was like playstation 2 graphics and my touch and sound was like that too. I couldn’t feel anything.

It’s like reality was a projector on my eyes and my consciousness was located at the very base or back of my skull…

So I didn’t exist and wasn’t real.

Then I had no motivation and had cognitive decline.

Supplements like anicracetam made me worse as well as topamax. But I started seeing and viewing external reality like everyone else had including myself prior to the illness.

So I was hallucinating but it was like the opposite effect like a negation of hallucinations as well as absence of vision or brain damage per se.

Scary stuff.

Besides thinking I was in a video game and not real and that life was fake and lifeless, I had depersonalization a few times where I had panic attacks in the store, hyper-vigilence, and was seeing myself as a puppet or 3rd person perspective above my head. Like I was a robot with no free will. Everything including other people was extremely dramatized and dramatic like strong determinism, no free will type philsophical crap.

That’s different from what I experience. I did once find a simulation that was similar before though

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