How close are you to commit suicide?

How close are you to commit suicide? Or how far away? Do you ever think that you have a real possibility to kill yourself? Maybe at the moment or maybe in your lifetime? I’m not seeking for advice, not looking for an argument; just want to learn what other sz people think.
Thanks in advance.

It’s always on the back of my mind. I REALLY, REALLY do not want to commit suicide.

I’ve tried a couple of times. First time because of depression. Second time because voices told me to.

I don’t want to do that today.

There were times I desperately wanted to leave this life…but now that I’m doing better I very much want to stay alive and try to enjoy life as much as possible for as long as I’m around.

I think the better question would be…

“How close were you to commuting suicide?”

I think most of us have been pretty close.

Truth is suicide is difficult even if you want it.

Takes planning. Very sad.

I cannot think of a guaranteed way. I have a fear of heights. Jumping would be impossible.

Chemicals… Don’t work.

Dude this triggered some ■■■■■■ up thoughts.

We aren’t meant to die until our time comes.

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After watching my grandparents die from cancer there is no way I’m going through that. When I get it I’ll go into the woods and play with the chipmunks before I end it myself. After everything I’ve been through in life my death will be at the time of my choosing. I’m not going to waste away in a bed in pain.

I’m not afraid of death, i wish to dead all the time because of all the sufferings, but i know i never do it.
So i’m just smoke a lot of cigarettes even i already have heart disease, my doctor told me to quit smoking, but i like “sorry, i can’t”

I took 4500 mg of Trazodone once, trying to commit suicide. It didn’t work. Apparently, I am immune to any amount of that drug. I blew out the fire in a natural gas heater in a motel room once, and tried to kill myself like that. It felt like it was working, and I was going out, but their must have been some kind of safety mechanism on the heater, because the gas quit coming out. I had a car running in our garage once, but the radiator hose broke. I bought a .38 revolver to commit suicide with, but I didn’t have the nerve to do it like that. I’m not as strongly disposed towards suicide now, but if certain things turn out wrong it could be in the cards.

I was so far from suicidal when the voices started. It took a really elaborate scenario for to actually take the blade to my throat. Luckily a girl was there to call the ambulance.

About a year later and I wanted to end it again. Actually suicidal this time. I had suffered through so much and couldn’t see a future.

Couldn’t figure out how to do it. Wasn’t an immediate thing. Was going to wait until my parents died. Still couldn’t find a sure fire way.

Alas things got easier even though nothing really changed.

■■■■ voices, ■■■■ telepathy, but thank god for disability assistance.

I have always thought that the best method to kill myself is putting a bullet in my head. I can’t even imagine using any other methods.

I’ve always thought the same Apoptosis, bullet in the head or my sleeping pills.

Please do NOT use THIS site to discuss the merits of various methods of suicide. This can be a trigger for those who are having trouble with symptoms and are vulnerable to such impulses.

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