How can you tell someone that you care about him too?

I think I suck at these things, but the guy who’s I have mentioned before is acting as if I rejected him, and I didn’t, it really bothers me…He’s being negative and he refuses to talk to me, it’s so annoying, and I know that he’s so still in love with me, what did I do to give him the wrong vibe, how did he misunderstand me…now I want to let him know that I share back his feelings somehow, and I don’t know how to do it, I’m not so good in taking the first move on a guy…!!! what should I do? I don’t want to look desperate too, I just want him to get the gesture that I feel something for him.

I know you said he wont talk to you now, but honestly you should find a way to get ahold on him and just lay it out for him plain and simple.

Back when i was normal i used to hate when girls sent weird signals i had to figure out myself. just made it harder than it needed to be.

Sry if this didnt help, im honestly not really good with this kind of stuff anymore, just thought i would at least try to help.


Does he like coffee? Soda? Some sort of casual drink? Bring him one, and one for yourself. If you think he REALLY likes you you could share your coffee and not bring him one (this is less risky. This way you don’t get ditched with an extra coffee. Though your could freeze it for iced coffee. Yum.) If you think this is true love he feels already share your coffee. Something along the lines of "oh I got this but it’s too {sweet, caffeinated, not strong enough, too strong, ect. Pick one} would you like to share it with me? I went all the way to _______ to get it, I don’t want to waste it. That might actually work if it’s just starting to turn into love too…
Soda is easier. Just say the vending machine dropped an extra one :slight_smile: (It should probably be the same brand though). Might not work as well though.
Make sure it’s something you know he really enjoys. If you’re anything like me, you have no lying skills. He’ll probably know that machine didn’t drop two. But it’s a nice cover. If you share he’s there for the remainder of the drink, unless he goes on a normie loop and decides to get all huffy about something else you don’t even know you said or didn’t say that vaguely affected someone he knows. I swear, as bad as men say women are, normies are much worse. You blink and apparently that sends some kinda freaking message too… normies…
But yeah, make sure it’s something he likes. Lets him know you pay attention :).

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I’m no good at this at all. But maybe start with eye contact. Catch his eyes and keep it there for atleast 3 sek I’ve heared. And smile! A nice smile can break down any wall! I used to smile a lot before I got ill and ppl flocked around me like seagulls. It has to be a natural smile, including eyes. If you just smile with your mouth it looks fake.


No thank you, I do really need to get a hold on him, I simply need some ideas, I have non :frowning:

Yes this might be a very good idea, I did tried this before with him, but he refuses, constantly…Now I think I should try different approaches until it works out. I did share a banana with him lol he still can’t get the idea that I’m trying to correct the misunderstanding.
He was so negative with me, frustrated with me because I gave him a negative vibe when he was trying to approach to me, maybe because his way freaked me out!! he was acting as if we were already in a relationship and acting crazy in front of other people, and that was only after 4 days or so since we knew each other…
Oh no I don’t blink, I have an opposite symptom; I stare, but it’s normal some how…I’m not sure, only stare at the PC.

I know for a fact that my verbal communication is word salad and I miss non-verbal cues all the time. I know for a fact that I write better then I talk. So I do end up writing a lot of letters and letting my letters do my talking for me.

It’s an ice breaker. After the first few letters, the talking gets a bit easier. The word salad finally leaves me.

Let him know you didn’t reject him, you were just surprised.


Okay, that sounds good…but he never opened up and told me his feelings, he just acted so obvious that he had a huge crush on me, even yesterday he searched through my laptop when I wasn’t around, instead of asking me he just search about me, I can’t jump off and start talking about us or even about his feelings… he’ll freak out and might put me in an embarrassing situation; like “I think of you as a sister”.

If you don’t mind me asking… are you interested in this guy? If you are, it could be a short letter saying…

“Hey, if your trying to get to know me as a friend, how about lunch sometime?”

Something casual?

Yes I do, I sort of like him back, I even said it to him, he took it as I meant that " I like you as a friend " and I didn’t mean that.
And the problem here is I can’t ask him to go out with me because he works in weekends, and when he’s not working I would be working, it sucks…I tried to find a solution for this, I still try to

So you need to find a way to let him know you would like to get to know him better, you are interested in more then pals but the work schedules just aren’t in your favor right now.

I’d say let him know that your are interested and maybe between the two of you, you can both come up with an idea to get on the same page at the same time.

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Same problem here -.-. After I was told that I don’t make eye contact I worked really hard at it. Now apparently I stare. There is no winning -.-.
If he’s getting all crazy, maybe he isn’t a good option. I pass for normie, but there are defiantly clues that something is going on there. If he can’t even deal with these clues, think about what he’ll do if you break. There is a difference between diagnosed crazy and nondiagnosed crazy. If he has personality problems, you probably don’t want any of that.
Of course I don’t know. I don’t know either of you that well, that’s just what I’m getting from this.
Maybe if you have tried cozying up to him and it hasn’t been working he needs time to cool off.

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Men like it if you make homemade banana bread. :banana: :bread:


Chocolate chip oatmeal bead. :bread:

The deal breaker was when the casanova in my cooking group kept scratching his private area when he sat beside me. ewwww. :chestnut:


Yed we know the way to a mans hart but to his soul is harder the brick. You my find a shock like telling true storys to boring but there is only that or a club.

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i hate to rebuff ur romantic ideas but this guy sounds like he should come with a warning label…after only 4 days he treats u like the love of his life, then stops talking to u, then searches through ur laptop? do u really want to go out with some one who’s obviously a little emotionally unbstable? i would steer well clear if that were me.



I agree. He sounds like the wife beater type. :muscle: :fist: :hand: :muscle:

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Honesty is best in any relationship. If you have to play games to have a relationship, you had better enjoy this type of stuff, because it will be all that it will be made of.
Immaturity causes too much drama in a relationship, and that just isn’t for me, but, If that’s what you like, keep playing, you will be in good company.


arn’t we all a little emotionally unstable though, sz or not.

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Flirt with him. Touch his arm. Lingering glances. Smiling.

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I’ve had a boyfriend once that he was emotionally unstable, he caused me a lot of drama and problems…I don’t really want to go back to deal with someone with these characteristics, I just know that falling in love resembles a mental illness in its symptoms, and I know that his weird behavior is acting on that…because his has been behaving so weird especially with me, and his friends noticed the huge change in his personality since I entered his life.
Today he simply ignored me, he was crossing the street and he simply passed me and went through the school’s door, as if he didn’t see me, that’s so rude, and he doesn’t converse with me during all the morning, I tried yesterday to grab his attention, give him a sort of green light, and I texted him on the phone, he had a weird reaction, like he was so into it then ignoring me after wards…I don’t think I’m going any further with this, I’m giving up on him, I decided to ignore him like he does with me. :wink:

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