How can you take theanine for schiz when its half-life is so short?

As far as I know its half-life is around 3 hours. I find that after a few hours it stops doing its positive stuff for my pseudohallucinations. The issue for me is that it increases gaba and this increase in gaba persists for the whole day, so if I take more theanine after those 3 hours then I would be further increasing gaba - not something I want to do because of the drowsiness and similar issues (in fact, too much theanine gives me head tightness, lack of spatial feeling, burning in body, etc.).

I want to start taking sarcosine but it’s so difficult to find within the EU. If I buy it from outside the EU then I would have customs issues. I don’t want to pay 50 dollars for 100g when it costs only a few dollars to produce in kg amounts.

Uk eBay sells sarcosine. So does uk Amazon.

Yes but the UK Amazon one (the Chinese seller) is very expensive in terms of transport. If I pay for the cheapest transport then it would take me 2 weeks to receive the stuff. TestForce I’ve used before and I loved it (I think it completely removed my pseudohallucinations but not sure, memory is foggy) but it’s extremely expensive and everytime I order a product from Amazon, the next time I go to order it, it says, “This product cannot be shipped to your selected address,” a very common issue.

From the EU.

Yes I saw that and was thinking of buying from there but it’s only 50 grams… was hoping for at least 100g for that price.

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Thanks. I assume you’ve bought from that seller yourself, have you had any customs issues? Do they declare the package content on the package itself or to the customs? Since it’s legal it shouldn’t be an issue but I just don’t want my package being held at customs, or them removing 1/3 the powder to “test” it as I’ve had happen before.

I think that eBay powder comes from the uk. I live in the uk so I had no customs at all. If you are in the eu you should have no customs tax right?

Ps I got some sarcosine from the us once and they marked it as a gift so had to pay no tax.

I don’t know if BREXIT has taken effect yet but my shipment of melatonin (legal to buy online within eu) was no issue at all. However, as you can imagine, if they see a bag of powder with nothing specifying the content they’re obviously going to say, “Well, gee, that looks suspicious” and open it. My experience is that they take more than they need for laboratory examination. I’ve also never purchased from Ebay so have no experience.
I live in Scandinavia

I’ve set up my ebay account. If everything goes right then I’ll make my purchase from that seller.

Now with the opportunity to ask I may as well ask:
For those that have improved or completely alleviated positive symptoms but not negative/cognitive symptoms from 2g sarcosine, do you find that taking more, say 5g or 10g, makes a difference in combating negative and cognitive symptoms?

And for those of you with “schizotypal social anxiety” - a really extreme form of social anxiety, do you find that it helps?
It’s interesting because gaba-b receptor hypofunction are implicated in this form of extreme social anxiety in both autism and I believe also scizotypy. But what does gaba-b do? Besides potentially a thousand other things, it strongly opposes nmda signaling as well as I assume mglur signaling. So this may suggest that if you respond to gaba-b activity that you then may have hyperactivity of glutamate receptors. But is it possible to have reduced function both of the gaba-b and nmda/mglur receptors together? Perhaps then that is my issue. Otherwise I am bewildered.