How can you remind yourself to take PRN?

I can take diazepam pretty much whenever I want, and I have enough to take as much as I want.

Problem is when I need to take it, my head is so far gone it’s the last thing that comes to mind as a solution

The crisis line lady told me to take some, and in the space of 5mins I had forgotten.

Only when she said again to take it I said I forgot and physically put a 5mg tablet in my hand so I’d take it.

How do you all remember to take PRN?

I am really struggling with this, as apparently it helps, but I never seem to think about it

Mrs. Jayster deals with chronic pain. Her doctors tell her to take her PRNs before she has a problem. They say it is best to stay ahead of the pain rather than play catch up.

That’s how I do my PRNs for benzodiazapenes.

So prevention. Problem is how do I know I am going to have an anxiety attack?

I take a lot of meds, and I don’t like taking them, and try to be minimalist

Understood. Sounds like you have to work this one out with yourself.

@Jayster How bout set alarms on your phone. I do it for my AM / PM meds

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All I can suggest is maybe to have the medication in a visible place where you most commonly reside.

usually when i need it my mum has contacted the gp doc and she says to take it… then i take it…