How can you prevent an anxiety /panic attack?

How can you prevent an anxiety/ panic attack? I usually have mine around 4pm.

Meds, my friend takes Lexapro for social anxiety disorder. He gets panick attacks when around too much ppl especially girls

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Ok I will take my meds. My prn is at night.

Education and science is a very Important way to avoid these mean drugs.

What’s prn? :thinking: 1515

Prescribed when needed.

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Prn makes me think of p0rn :joy:

First of all, you should realize what is triggering it. Is it social, situational or just random. Anyone who experience panic attacks should stop drinking and smoking. Anti anxiety and mood stabilizers help a lot. Also avoid too much coffee and energy drinks. Take benzodiapines when you feel a panic attack coming. Also have enough rest after a hard day


I think it is situational and random.

I actually started having more panic attacks after abusing benzodiapines… and lowering the meds.

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Anxiety and depression:

When I was using alcohol and street drugs, the psychiatrists said, well look, there’s your problem. So I did a major emotional adjustment and I am decades off booze and drugs.

Then, they said, well your psyche meds don’t work if you’re a smoker, so I’m now five plus years without any nicotine.

They still throw it back at me . . .

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I use xanax 0,5mg pill like once a week now, I do chainsmoke, but I find it impossible to quit, I do not know how I would feel without a smoke

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I could not not smoke. But a lot of forces got directed at the situation, and I am now nicotine free for some years.


Don’t drink energy drinks. I suffer from low energy constantly, but they make things worse for me.


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