How can you channel the voices to be constructive rtaher than constantly critical and negative

Im always being harassed by the voices. I want to take hold of the situation and try and do something positive for God, but the voices are constantly negative and criticising me. How can I take hold of the situation. How can you channel the voices to be constructive? PLease help. I would appreciate any replies.

I can’t channel them, but I can

  1. ignore them and block them out when they try to beat me up
  2. Say out loud (when at home in the washroom) how wrong they are and what makes them wrong
  3. Write out what they are saying and then argue it when I can
  4. Just tell them I refuse to act or do what they say and get help to go do something else
  5. Go to therapy and get help when they really knock me down

After a while of me ignoring them, fighting them, not doing what they say, they have gotten weaker and less powerful. Now it’s just idle chatter with no real teeth left.


educate them…
take care

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Perhaps these thread can help:

Just invert them.