How Can You Beat This Illness?

It seems you can’t fight or beat this illness, there is no way of winning. If you’re multi episodic you can’t become medication free. You will never be your old self again.

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We can only do our best with this disease. If people dont like it, its their problem.

Adding a bit of dark humour into your life when your episodic always helps.
Laugh at your voices. Take the piss out of them if they are distressing you.

Its a state of mind.

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The best thing you can do is keep your stress down and take care of yourself. If you are working and it’s too stressful for you talk to your doctor about going off work and see about getting disability. If you’re already on disability and you are still stressed make sure you are getting enough sleep, eating 3 regular balanced meals, exercising regularly, drinking plenty of water (8 8oz glasses a day) and doing things to relax you throughout the day like listening to music and yoga or meditation or whatever you enjoy that works for you. You can’t beat the disease but you can mitigate it.


Hmm. . .

Thus Illness Isn’t A Problem I Have Inside Or With Myself Personally.

I Don’t Fit In With Society, Civilization, Popular Culture, And The Mainstream Of The Obsolete.

I Hear Spiritual Being’s.

I Am Not Religious Techincally.

Most People Don’t Seem To Like Much About Me. And The Stones Have Been Thrown.

Still Are Being Thrown.

And Will Always Be Thrown.

The Problem It Seems…, Is That I Couldn’t Care Less.

There Isn’t Anything To Conquer But!, Myself And My Own Individualistic Demons.

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