How can you be certain that SSRI could affect you

Is there a way to know if these anti-depression medication could affect you. I am currently taking 10mg of celexa. So i wanted to know if this would inhibit my ability to study or mesmerize in some way. I want to know if its effective in your body chemistry and how to check.

Just googled this for you

They as a matter of fact do!!

This is a awesome source of data but i don’t know where i get my genetic test. Should i ask my doctor for this. And/or what is it called so that he could have a better understanding on where to look.

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I’m taking 20 mg of Celexa per day and it cures my depression beautifully.

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Ummm there’s expensive genetic testing you can get to see which meds you have a chance of responding to best I believe. I’m not 100% sure on that though, or how accurate it is. Mainly the method used by psychiatrists is a crapshoot, you just have to keep trying and failing until you hopefully find one that works. Sigh.

i don’t trust in crapSHOOTER’s i think it might backfire on my health condition. :disappointed_relieved: