How can we feel emotions

…without love, of some kind? If we don´t allow or cannot love or be loved, there is no emotions to feel.

Everything becomes numb… I think a lot of us, myself included, have a problem with this.


I wonder why love sells that well. Music is 90% about love or some of it´s variants…

I find it really difficult to interact with some people, one person in particular, because the disacciation I experience as a result is extremely stressful. I think it is schizophrenia related.


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maybe we just don´t allow ourselves to be loved…

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It doesn’t mean I hate them though it just means I can’t interact with feeling really stressed for some odd reason perhaps due to the schizophrenia

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I don´t believe everything is sz related…

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Nor do I. But excessive stress related things could be. For me, going from past experience

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