How can u fight something u can't see?

Need some fighting power against people who wreak havoc on your mind, body, and spirit. They feel like they can do whatever they want. Wish I was strong enough to fight, defend myself. How can u fight something u can’t see?

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can you see god ?
you cant see anything !!!
not even god

Pray about it. That’s about all we can do.

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I wrote in my booklet on my fall into psychosis: “Fighting an unseen enemy.”


Hi @martinhersey1 I would like to read your booklet. I feel like I have no privacy, and have people in my body, and having embarrassing thoughts which might not necessarily be my own. Just want to be left alone, I’m mortified sometimes and looking for help with my problems.

I’m trying prayer, reading the Bible and thinking about it very often in the way I know how. Also if you feel a danger to yourself or others I go to the hospital then.

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Giving up might be a good option

Giving up is not a good option! There is always hope! I say keep trying and keep talking with your pdoc. Hopefully, you’ll find the right meds and you’ll be more able to function.

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I can’t upload the files. It says it doesn’t accept the format. I have to take pictures of the pages and upload those. The booklet is 61 pages long. If you are really interested, give me your address, and I will send you a copy. I might copy a few pages for you and upload them to this post as a reply.

You don’t. That way it becomes you doing what you want. And it squirming back where it came from.

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I think that’s a schizophrenia symptom. I used to have that too. Schizophrenia can make your mental boundaries vulnerable. Talk to your doctor and he will consider med change or increase. Good luck!

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By running toward what I can see, waves of light!

Find people you’re compatible with and hang out with them. Ignore everybody else. If you can’t find people, find things that interest you and immerse yourself in them. You might even find a way to make some money.

If they are in your head there’s a chance you can see them, I do

Hi @martinhersey1 could you upload a few pages on this post😊

if you like, you can post your email here.and I can send you some pages.

They do things to my face and body, how can I protect myself? Please help

I put a screen shot from another thread