How can i stop people from judging me all the time?

people think that they know me. so they treat me with disrespect because they can do whatever they want and i can’t do anything!

when i see someone i form an image of their life inside my head but not to abuse them but to be predictable. but others forms an image in their head about me to abuse me :frowning:

Are you sure? It kind of sounds like paranoia to me.

i’m pretty sure it’s not me. i am a victim.

What do people do to you?

when i try to talk to my mom on the phone i keep saying hello and she wont reply. the pharmacy guy delivers medication random days judging that i wont go out because of my schizophrenia. i called bank the other day and the representative kept mocking me with wrong amount of money, i kept saying i’m missing $33 and she kept say 24? and then hung up on me before i give them feedback through phone which they said they would let me after talking to the representative. Before that my bank card expired and they didn’t send me a new bank card in the mail after calling them. many more things happened to me like this.

I don’t know what’s going on with your mom, but I wouldn’t take that stuff with your pharmacy and bank personally. Unfortunately we don’t all get treated like VIPs and regularly have to deal with the normal crap and frustrations that come with dealing these entities. Be vigilant and self-advocate—try to get things straightened out when you need to—but don’t take it personally.


what if there was an emergency and somebody did this to me? could i be frozen to death?

Frozen to death? What do you mean?

For example, Say i had panic attack then i tell someone it’s an emergency. Then the bus driver judge me and see i can’t do anything so he drives pass me. Even if i get home somehow and i have no key to the door i call mom and she ignores me. I will either be homeless or humiliated or freeze to death.

There are many emergencies.

I find myself, today, focusing on the what if everything goes well scenarios. Someone once told me to be prepared, not expecting, bad outcomes.

It affects every part of you. Hope you feel better, soon.

You can’t, people always judge others whether they mean to or not. Just do the best you can in the day you’re in and things will look after themselves.


Judge them first.

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