How can I stop being an ignorant bolox

I want to change the fact that I am an ignorant bolox. Im rather arrogant and also I tend not to listen to other people’s views. Like, for example when my mother talks, I hardly hear a word she says. This has actually started to annoy me as I feel Im an ignorant, charmless bolox. I want to change but how can I change my personality. I don’t want to be ignorant. I don’t want to be arrogant. Help please…

I was ignorant and arrogant for many years in my life and treated everyone like they were so stupid and not worth my time.

What turned me around was, after treating everyone with utter disrespect and kicking so many people out of my life I found I had no one left on my side.

My life really did turn around when I was homeless, living in a tent city in a park and got the crap beaten out of me just for existing. Going hungry many days and having no access to a proper toilet also turned my attitude around. I had to become the lowest of the low before I realized I needed to start listening to others.

When others told me what I needed to do to get a roof over my head so I’d quit getting physically beaten up, I began to listen.

I have a feeling you might want to avoid that route.

Have you thought of going to therapy to find new way of listening, or get some ideas on how to talk to the people who are trying to help you? I find that part of beating arrogance is being patient. The more I see of impatience, the more I see of arrogance.

Arrogance seems to travel with anger. If your angry, your less likely to listen, everything shuts down when anger hits. Maybe your Mom is making you angry. I’d say for now, you might just need to talk to an outside source to get some ideas on patience. It really does feel like it’s family or personal therapy time.


" we are all born ignorant…but one must work hard to remain stupid ".
this quote helps me ,it reminds me that knowledge (listening to others with respect ) means that eventually i will have an abundance of wisdom, and humility.
take care
p.s dark sith has been nominated for a nobel prize for his astounding wisdom…( perhaps i need to work on the humility , a bit longer !?! )


When I was very ill for many years, I was too into myself, I was very arrogant and overly confident with mania.
My word was first and last - there was also no in between with me, it was all or nothing. I hurt a lot of people in my life , I now know this, back then I was to messed up to know the difference. I had to work hard on mending fences with people when I got better. I am always trying


It can be difficult to change your personality. Some people have these big egos, others do not. Maybe if you understand that some people have something useful to say to you, this can help you. I like to listen people, my ego is not very big, sometimes even too small so that people can say bad things to me and I just listen. I do not know what else I can say.

Id, ego and super-ego are the three parts of the psychic apparatus defined in Sigmund Freud’s structural model of the psyche; they are the three theoretical constructs in terms of whose activity and interaction mental life is described.

try to see world from point of view of others, their problems and … read some good books, these must melt your heart.


Just the fact that you are self-aware…That`s the first big step…


your not ignorant you have a schizophrenic brain schizophrenic brains dont process information as well as other brains give yourself a break. your not a bad person you knowxxxx