How can I help myself and my friend?

I have a friend that has to one up me for everything. I told her I was mi. She told me she needs to be on benzos, but she’s being tough.

When I mention the latest with my physical health, she replies with one of many of her supposed illnesses. She says no one could ever possibly know how sick she feels because she is sicker than everyone. Wtf?

I don’t know how or what to say to her about it. I have to to do something about this. Suggestions?

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That’s hilarious! I needed the laugh. Thanks!

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Seriously, though. You don’t need that ■■■■ in your life.

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I guess I want to give her a chance to be unselfish. I definitely get what you’re saying, though. I’m out of there if it doesn’t stop completely. Thanks, hon.


Ive had a friend like that it’s best to get rid of them or at least not tell them about your problems

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I think I’ll not tell her my problems. If she still does it, I’ll ask her to stop.ultimately, I’ll end the friendship.

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