How can I help my mum from thinking she’s a bad Mum

Three tragically suicidal and eating disordered and mentally ill daighters
What was wrong?’
My father being the abuser and my mums compliance
Is that it?

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Look at all the good things she has done for you. I’m sure your Mom would have left your father if she thought she could. She had to make a choice. It wasn’t an easy one. But she made it to try to make the life best she could for you all. So just try to look at the good things.

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sz is in the genes…its nobodies fault…it just happens

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Yes … And the depression, addiction, suicidality,
Body damaged eating disorders, self harm and violence
Promiscuity and rapes and stranglings and beatings and

Sorry I’m just amazed with how self punishing she must be underneath it all
Lack of self worth even though she’s done a million times everything she can and could

How can you help? Hug her. Spend time with her if you can. Thank her for some things, if you can. You recognize, it sounds, that she had to make certain decisions - just tell her that you see that now.

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I once made my mom a card out of posterboard (giant card) and wrote on it all the good things she had done for us. It brought tears to her eyes, guess she never realized all the good times I remembered.


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