How can i get admitted to pdoc says hospital is mainly for those who are a threat to themselves or athreat tp others

how can I get admitted to psych hospital…

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Why would you want to? Do you need to be assessed by a psychiatrist?

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im stressed mwith the voices…head wrecked

Here in Canada you just go to the hospital and ask to be assessed for mental health

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Tell the hospital that and you should be admitted.

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Are you in danger of doing something that would hurt you to try to make the voices go away, like taking too much meds? Are they telling you to do something bad and you’re afraid you might listen? Those are valid reasons to go to ER.

im mainly just stressed by the voices…the voices are telling me to tell people that im av irgin and proud…and asking people inappropriate questions which are humiliating

That probably won’t change much in the hospital unless you get more or different meds. Maybe you can do that outside of the hospital.


Btw I’m not suggesting you change your dosage on your own, ask your doctor.


Call a psych hospital. Tell them your symptoms. They will plan a course of action for you. If they think you need inpatient they’ll do that, but there are other intensive outpatient therapy programs as well they may recommend you to.

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Did you go to hospital???