How can I feel less bored?

Does anyone have any ideas on how to combat boredom?


Do you have the concentration to watch movies? You could try that. There must be at least one blockbuster movie you haven’t seen that you’d like to see.

Browsing spotify music :notes: to see if you can discover some new music you like.


I find myself bored throughout the day, too

Boredom indicates you’ve outgrown your comfort zone and are ready to move into something more unfamilliar.
Do something- anything- as long as it’s something you havent done before.
Different requires the senses to wakeup and be on alert, familliar makes the senses relax and go on autopilot.
Walk if you drive, shop in a new store, talk to people you don’t know, say hello to someone who doesn’t speak your same language, if you eat reheated freezer food on your coffee table-set the kitchen table with your best stuff and make it formaleven if it’s just you.
If you wear casual clothes normally, try dressing up fancy- then go to the store and buy some bread, or a pack of gum.
It doesn’t require money, just time and some creativity…
Post some picture when done and share how creative you got.


Thank you for your advice, those are great ideas.
I had contemplated yoga 2 weeks ago - I might join a club
I had a mini stroke 4 weeks ago, and I was very lucky I was ok…I think I am highly stressed too. (My mum died this year, the beareavement process has been hard)


Feeling my body and enjoying being in it…watching tv…drinking hot cocoa…going to the toilet

movies, video games, comics/mangas, walking, browsing internet, day treatment/clubhouse, volunteering, this forum…:slight_smile:

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You could get a pen and notepad and write poetry and songs