How can I don't make mental illness my priority?

I am obsessed about mental illness and I visit this forum like whenever I am free from my work,instead of socializing with my colleague I look at the website and post,I am not against visiting/posting here but I literary spent half of my day awake on forums that says about mental illness

Does anybody else used to had this problem?how did you solve this?

A little about myself:I work 11 and half hr a day,for 6 days a week so I had little time to do other stuff and I already a accepted this but for me I like sporting activities also,like I workout 1hr20min a day for 6 days a week and I sometimes play Badketball and badminton too…

So what can I actually do step by step to not put mental illness as priority in my life(which mental illness is right now)?thank you guys,comment will be greatly appreciated

Being self aware and educated on your mental illness is healthy, having questions and forming solutions about your mental illness is also healthy - obsessing and being consumed by your illness is not healthy, but when it comes to psychiatric illnesses there are more questions than solid concrete answers, this is why many people living with a mental illness make their illness their number one priority.
When you have a broken leg or a headache the treatments are basically precise and direct - the answers for treatment are pretty clear. When you have a mental illness things can be incomplete and get murky.
The treatments for mental illness are not as precise or reliable, the medication game can be frustrating - lots of trial and error, also when the meds work people with mental illness still may have residual symptoms.
Having a mental illness can be overwhelming and frustration can easily settle in,
The whole idea is not to focus so much on your mental illness, but when the need for satisfaction comes into play, it is easy to become obsessed and consumed


It sounds like you spend a lot of time working and working out. It’s easy for me to spend a lot of time on the forums, but since I started dating again I’m too preoccupied to do it as much. Do you have friends you can spend time with. I know a lot of your time is being consumed but a social outlet would get your mind off of your illness. For me I feel like if I research and read enough about something and fully understand it I can solve it and it will go away. I used to be obsessed with this illness for that reason. Since I’ve been going out more and spending a lot of time talking to my boyfriend, I’ve gotten away from it. Something else that has helped is focusing on school. This takes my mind off of what is going on with me. Do you have a hobby that could preoccupy you? Good luck! :sunny:


Just like you, I spent quite a lot time on this site posting. At first I stayed here for support and for more information about treatment, and then I found a lot of members here possess good character as their posts contain strength and humor. Besides, a lot of members here use good English, which is beneficial for me to learn English language. I guess when my English becomes better I would spend less time browsing posts here. But I do love the interactions here.