How can I become a better person?

Can you help me out on this one

First identify the problem. What do you believe makes you a normal or otherwise adequate person?

I have an anger problem. I also feel I lack charm.

Sometimes honesty makes up for charm.

Anger needs outlets and therapy. I have always been into lifting and am now into powerlifting. It requires anger to lift the heaviest weights you can. I have always been rather aggressive but now I have a time and a place for being testy and yelling. I go to a powerlifting gym where everyone is yelling at eachother, egging them on to lift heavy ass weights. I love it! Instead of weird looks from the people at the school gym, Im just another guy, in fact the smallest powerlifter in the gym, the only 165lb lifter. Most are 180-220. Im the mouse, after all

I think that it takes experience and time to do this.

I try and force it everyday but it won’t come, although it does do a little.

The heart has to be molded by experiences and time, you simply have to float through and have done to you what it’s going to do(like an atom, i don’t mean just “float” through as in do nothing).

And meditate long.