How can he look so ugly?

The guy I was dating last, he was extremely beautiful to me, I was in awe of him. Until I realised why he was even with me. I basically felt used possibly for free food - god knows (we didn’t have an intimate relationship). Turns out when I introduced him to my brother, and my brother introduced him to his friend, he was eyeing his friend. How do I know? He matched her on Tinder after we split. I wasn’t allowed to add any of his friends on Facebook but he could add all my brothers girlfriends.

Now I see him on Facebook. I look at his face and want to puke. He is hideous.

My boyfriend on the other hand, I didn’t quite like him at first, but now I found him an absolute stunner … he is so beautiful :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes:


Maybe you are demisexual but if this makes you it, I’m demisexual too because people with good looks and ugly personalities to me I eventually see past and don’t see them as attractive anymore which is what you say you’re experiencing and vice versa


Ever see the movie shallow Hal?? It’s a metaphor kinda for exactly what we’re talking about

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Yeah, early on in the relationship he asked me if I was demisexual too :relaxed: it is so weird, i was not attracted to him at all… now look…

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It takes two to tango…

What does this mean? My intention behind the post wasn’t mean I just meant I didn’t find him attractive after what he did.

Doesn’t mean he’s not attractive.

I meant: both of you are demisexual which is ideal. It takes two to tango = when both partners think and feel alike.

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I say good riddance! You don’t want somebody as two faced as that! You don’t want him. Seriously. Shrug it off and move on to much better things!

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