How can a person who has psychosis and is on medication become healthy?

Does anyone have any tips

What do you mean?

Eat healthy and exercise.

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I don’t have any tips but I like your username😄

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Keep on taking meds
Have a healthy lifestyle
Relax and breathe
Be in nature
Learn and understand things
Have good relationships
Own a pet


Like what would keep my brain healthy whilst on meds. any supplements to take ?

If you are schizophrenic the meds make your brain function better, other than that there isn’t anything special, keep it and your body active, eat fruit and vegetables, avoid stress…

  • keep taking your meds
  • make a good routine and stick to it
  • do some research on coping mechanisms and find some that work for you

I suggest b vitamins. I tried a lot of other things that didn’t help but a high dose b vitamin makes me calm, energized and happy. It’s great for cognition too. I don’t think it blocks hallucinations, that’s what meds are for. Good luck.

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Thank you for your reply

Aha thanks I appreciate it

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Also a multivitamin and fish oil improved my sleep, I don’t wakup at night anymore.

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I have been tolled I have psychosis but the doc thinks I have schizophrenia as I am young at the moment they havent diagnosed me officially yet

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Best tip is to get on the right drug first, and then get on the minimum of that drug so that you don’t have symptoms. I switched from Risperidone to Abilify, and it has been a world of difference.