How big of a problem trully schizoprenia is?

If we can gain new perspectives on sz it trully wont be a problem for anybody suffering from it in the future.

If the whole perception of paranoia and mania, delusions and maybe even voices and negative symptoms is changed in a positive one then the whole illness becomes a good or at worst a neutral thing.

If you think about it, scientific discoveries a few hundred years ago were not valued but the perspective changed and today they are

In the future science might become a less valuable thing, the current value is not a guarantee of future value.

this is an example. There might be many more throught history.

For example religious delusions now and throught history had different value. .

But if you think about the different views of society throguht our history on every thing you will see theres differences from ages to ages.

@onepercentoff you are knowlegable in sociology i think
@panoramic202 or @panoramic20 you keep talking about something similar.

So thats stigma bassicly. But stigma is not permanent and will change in the future

Sz is different now since 100 years ago

and will probably be different in 30 , 50, 100,

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