How best to appear well so as to come off medication

Hi All,

Was diagnosed in April this year for hearing what I feel to be guardian angels/voices. The psychiatrist didn’t agree with my view that we are all god either.

Just wondering how best to appear well in a psychiatrists eyes - with hopes that I can be taken off medication ASAP? At present I have no positive symptoms, they left long ago with my 400mg injection monthly of Abilify. Have recently been dropped down to 300mg.

I am socialising with friends, exercising, work, all the usual stuff but my psychiatrist still believes I am mentally ill. What do I have to do to prove to him otherwise? Any tips or advice on this topic would be much appreciated.

Thanks for reading

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I wish I could tell you what you wanted to hear. The first time they took me of my med I had no symptoms for 4 yeArs. I had to go back on them even though there was no psychosis. I’ve not had an ep in over five years. I owe it to meds.


It’s common for people with schizophrenia to have their psychotic break and be put on medication. Then they start to feel better and they stabilize and then they want to be taken off of their medication.
They don’t realize that they only feel better because of the medication and if they get taken off of it, they may relapse.
Just a little information and a friendly word of warning.


You are mentally ill man. You hear voices. They might even be benign but they aren’t a continuous part of 99% of the human experience at large.

We’re not gods? Do you have powers? Did you create the universe?

We are the most highly(technically) advanced beings, with a “godly” awareness of things these days(thanks to science) stars and chemistry and all that. Something like gods but not in the traditional sense.

I’ve had all those thoughts before.

Take your meds.

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That’s most likely a good sign that the meds are working.

Each break causes more damage and lowers functioning a bit each time… let the meds run their course… talk to your doc and see if there is a low dose plan you can go for later.


If your not well , you could try it once , to see if you can manage.

But…most people with a sz DX just end up becoming psychotic. So you could be potentially putting your safety at risk.

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We’ll for one thing we are not gods. Have you watched tv lately. It’s a bunch of circus animals.

It’s not about “appearing well” It’s about “being well”. You could make a pdoc believe you are ok but if you are not the likelihood is that without medication you’ll eventually crash and burn.

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Do you still believe this? Do you believe other things that most people or your psychiatrist don’t think is accurate?

Its great that you’re working and socializing - thats a great sign that you’re recovering. But work with your doctor so that over time you can slowly reduce your medication. They find that people do best over the long term when they are on relatively low, but effective doses of medication.

And - just keep exercising and working and socializing - and try to keep your stress low. Your doctor may at some point in the next year or two allow you to go off medications - but as other people here have suggested the key is to BE WELL, not just to APPEAR WELL. Be thankful that you can socialize, you have friends and you can work - thats fantastic.

Keep doing those things and check in with your doctor and be honest about your thoughts. He wants you to BE WELL. That is how you will enjoy life the best in the long term. Appearing well only works for a short time if you are not actually well - and then you might need to go in the hospital.

By the way - check out this poll about "Has Medication Worked for You? - think about this and if you’re doing well on your medication thats great - its working, and you’re enjoying life. Keep with what is working:

I wouldn’t like it if I was forced to take medications at all. I think that that would completely destroy my dignity and self esteem. I take my medications gladly as I view them as being the prosthetics for our brains, and that is basically the truth of the matter at this time until we find another cure or management of this SZ disorder of the brain.

In the U.S. you probably will not find a way to go untreated or find an alternative treatment method. They all believe it is a lifelong illness for everyone, even though that is purely anecdotal, and also scoff at the thought of remissions or recoveries.

Well, it’s different for every country and even certain states in that country so I can’t tell you.
For me personally, there is nothing I can do.
I’ll be on medication possibly for the rest of my life, wether voluntarily or involuntarily. I’m actually on a involuntary treatment order for almost 3 years now. Because I had a brief period of refusing to take my medication when I had psychosis prior to my diagnosis. But even so, and even with the side effects of medication and the possible shortening of our lifetimes… I believe that I should probably be on medication for the rest of my life, and if I’m taken of I want to be contacted frequently and have regular meetings with mental health drs to make sure I’m not relapsing mentally. Because, Yes. You may go of your medication and you may be fine, for years. Then all of a sudden it all comes back, and this does happen ask your dr. It comes back for some people and when it comes back, it can come back permanently meaning the medication may never fix it. That is a risk you run, You may be stuck in a permenant psychosis if you relapse due to not taking medication. To me, It’s not worth the risk regardless of side effects etc even though I’m forced to take it I’ll still take it. Because If I don’t and that happens, the only thing I would want is death because I honestly have no idea what might happen when being psychotic. I mean crap, I was psychotic for months before my diagnosis I don’t even know how I lived through it you are brushing with death when you are psychotic. I use to roam the streets at 3 in the morning in horrible neighbourhoods, walk along abandoned train lines and everything. Anything could have happened to me. I don’t want to run those risks again, as well as being psychotic on top. I don’t know what I may do. (this is something we all should understand). Don’t go of your medication just because you feel you are fine. Only do it because it’s costing to much and if you get your medication for free, I don’t see why you would want to go of it at all. The risks are to high for the reward.