How bad is caffeine and alcohol for me now that I quit my meds?

I quit my meds a month ago after being on them for a couple of months and taking half my dosage for the majority of the time, I still hear voices but I am not as bothered by it and they are fairly quiet now, I just wanted to know if caffeine and alcohol can make my symptoms worse or as bad as they used to be since technically I should still be on meds right now but I decided to stop taking them

What made you stop taking your meds?

Too much caffeine makes my symptoms worse. I drink one cup of coffee a day without problems. Alcohol is definitely not good for you.

Agree with @ninjastar, better to stay off the alcohol while u experiment

I stopped taking them because I gained alot of weight and i read alot of people on the medicine get diabetes and blood pressure problems, I was on 10 mg zyprexa and i could barely ever hear voices and when i did it was so quiet i couldn’t understand anything than I started taking 5 mg and they got a bit louder but I was able to manage and it doesn’t really bother me as much so I thought that I would be better off just having to deal with voices than all the side effects and health risks

You don’t have any paranoia or delusions?ever?

There are a wide variety of anti-psychotic medications. Work with your pdoc to find one that works for you. Personally, Geodon and Seroquel are what work the best for me. They have the fewest side effects for me too.


I used to but not really anymore

How old are you and how many episodes. You don’t sound like you are scared of chancing an episode. wouldn’t be wise for me I have a family depending on me. We’re your prior experiences with sz mild?

I’m 16 and its my first time having this it was pretty bad for me at first but after a while I just started going along and joking about the things I hear and thinking this is just the way I think, i dont really know but somehow now I am not bothered by it as much as most others are


Sounds like your meds are working I would suggest working with your doctor. Some people get off there meds with no symptoms. Sounds like you still have symptoms they will get worse when you stop. No one likes taking these meds but they work. Weight gain is not a good reason to stop but maybe a reason to switch meds talk to your doctor don’t put your family through another episode. Best wishes.

You inspire me that maybe there might be a light on the other end of the tunnel.

Make sure to fill everyone in if you relapse spectacularly.

I gained weight on the first led I tried, so I switched to Geodon. That worked for me, and I haven’t gained any weight since starting. You should look into other medications before giving up completely.