How bad are your schizophrenia symptoms poll

  • 1 Not that bad
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10 Terrible

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I chose a 1. If I could only get up off my butt I would be better off.


I voted for 4.
My symptoms aren’t generally bad, but I have breakthrough symptoms every now and then.


8 for me. Its like living in the bowels of hell having no internal privacy of thought.


Hope ya feel better @mike23


Actually I am feeling better since going on clozapine 4-5 months ago. Less voices and less harsh. But still want to be completely voiceless.


I’m in pretty good shape so as long as the meds keep working I’m good


I voted 4 I can survive :slight_smile:


I’m not schizophrenic but am reckoned to have experienced psychotic symptoms. I can only answer from that perspective.

Positive symptoms like delusions/hallucinations and paranoia = 2 for paranoia. I still get it but I’m less reactive with it.

Negative symptoms like lack of drive/goal directed behaviour/showing initiative and motivation = 5

My biggest issue is socially/social interaction and difficulty engaging with people-which may not be that mental illness related. For that =9.


I chose 7.

30 mg of Haldol holds voices at bay except for once or twice a month, but my paranoia and delusions are disabling. Still, I remember what it was like at 10 when I was inpatient and totally psychotic, so 7 seems about right.


I said 1…not that bad. my prolixin I have to thank for that…really happy with my meds.


I voted a 1. Not bad. I have my meds, routine, and coping skills to thank. And Gd.


Lately my anxiety has been worse.


Meds really help, but I still get really anxious.


I say 0 cause i dont have loud voices any more but there still there cause i check sometimes and i get a response occasionally in my thoughts that isn’t necessarily auditory but its like a uncontrolled thought that would say what. And i can tap into a part of my mind and talk for the only one left. Ask for negatives idk if my negatives are apart of the illness or a side effect of the med im taking. Cause i didn’t start feeling negatives till i got on meds. So ill give them a 7 cause its difficult to enjoy and be motivated now


Right now I’m maybe a 4. But I voted 7 cause that’s where I was during my last psychotic break, and the next time it happens I’ll be picking up where I left off


I don’t know how to vote here. I have 0 positives now when i’m on meds, lucky me. But negatives and cognitives are pretty much disabling.