How Autistic Spectrum Disorder Doctors

Conclude that Poetic license with language equates a symptom of a brain disease, namely … WORD SALAD. Though this entirely possible, far to often it is the fall back position for analysts that or those observing a person exhibiting such language behaviors, especially observers that are prone to sorting their peas and carrots, and don’t like to ingest anything mixed together, but prefer instead to separate and make distinct and concrete the expression of anyone or anything in the Universe.

There are two magesterias, or domains of thinking process in human beings. At one point, and to some extent still, these domains of thinking have been broken down to the physical – the two halves of the human brain. It has been postulated that one side of the brain makes an effort to concretize, create boundaries between, and further the dualism between the self and the other. The other half of the brain has been accused of attempting to give meaning to components of the universe or experience either to have a subjective meaning or, or universal meaning. The other half of the brain is blamed because, in our human experience, those things which had meaning but not substance and were adopted by those with power, became tyranny against the other half of humanity that just wanted to know.

This might be a word salad concept to some, but I think, you can analyze and drill down and pick apart anything and at the same time, with every level of analysis, a person that wants to real know the concrete and the abstract, will know, fully.

I am convinced the best artists ARE the best scientists. Those that are claimed as the best materialists, skeptics, and scientific … have been found to have huge artistic and almost chaotic creative talent.

This is most evident in the earliest forms of European, African, Asian, American, Middle Eastern, and other groups of human beings, no matter how seperated from one an other, every single tribe had those that specialized, given their inborn talent to contribute to the survival of our species as an evolving form in a material paradigm.

I have found, in this and every so called mental, emotional, or socially marginalized group artists and shamans that if born in a remote uncharted part of the world, would be valued members of their community. They would not be pathologized, but fully incororated into the community if they were willing to be a part of the community.

Really I find in many ways we come to physician, to be pointed to psychiatrist, because the vital question is not really whether what you experience and perceive is valid, the vital question is: How are you and you what experience and perceive… how will it help us all and this work we were given, to maintain our species and contribute towards its growth at the same time?

You are definitely Able, but are you willing?

Wanna party Dr. Farty, I ■■■■ and storm and break the norm, up your ass with sasafrass, in you face and all over the place, until you stroke, forget the measure you gave, for me to eat, I hope you croak, before you die.


I am a poet. And a scientist. They are distinct and related. I am studying to be a biochemist. My poetry has won awards on a small scale. Would you like to read it?