How attractive do you think you are overall

I think I am a 8 and a half, because I’m overweight with my belly.


2-3 right now. I think my face looks okay, but I have high standards. Before schizophrenia, maybe a 6.5?

Others thought I was attractive when I was younger, I was a good looking kid.
Today I look overweight and tired looking.

These meds have really took a hold on me!

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For me there’s;

What I think I look like.

And there’s

What I actually look like.

I only post selfies of what I think I look like.

I was well endowed before schizophrenia. I was blessed by the gods lol. But that hasn’t helped me. I am still a virgin. I’m 30ish so I’ll be 40 years old soon and then people can make fun of me. I’m extremely fat, pale, and have stretch marks.

I have grey hair from stress but genetics plays a bigger role I guess. I started getting grey hair after 2015 when I was 10/10 stressed from paranoia and schizophrenia.

Seven’ish. My only issue is my height. I’m very short for a lad.

7, maybe 8. I have a belly

i would say im a 5 haha. i have a nice body though, got my abs back and am fit. but im losing my hair slowly, and it makes my forehead look big, thinking about getting a hair transplant, im also short, 5’9. i used to think i was 6. when i was younger and had all my hair i would have said i was a 7. i always had attractive girlfriends, so that is something.

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Probably a 6 at best. Prior to the sz and ap’s I had been told I was “cute” and “hot”. Now I am overweight with a double chin :rage:

I am looking into Caplyta which is an AP most people can lose weight with. I’m very hopeful that I can get back to my old form

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I think in my best period (16 to 26?) I would say an 8.

Now, after all the AP, maybe 6.5. Or 7 on a good day. Not sure. I think i look okay for my age, just normal. But not great.

I don’t really make it a habit of judging my own looks. I am slightly overweight, I got a nose that is slightly askew ++. I don’t think much about it. I just accept that I’ll never be perfect. No one are. Maybe one of a thousand people have no issues whatsoever with how they look. We tend to judge ourselves much harder than anyone else would. I try to focus on having a healthy mindset which I think is more important than looks.The way we radiate is the most important. That’s the first thing I pay attention to in others.

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From the neck up I’m pretty good, but I have a huge belly. I’d say I’m a 7.

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I don’t know exactly, but people find me attractive.

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With clothes, a solid 7. Without, maybe a 4. heh.

I think I’m butt ugly and that’s not depression talking.

If you have good facial symmetry that’s usually a big deal. Rest is negotiable.

Well I sleep with myself every night, so I must have a pretty high opinion of myself.

10/10, would nap with again.

People slap me on the street i’m so ugly :stuck_out_tongue:

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On Abilify I was 200lb and going to the gym everyday. Now on Risperdal I am 300lb. I will be taking Rexulti next week so my weight should go down to ~240lb.