How are you today

It is already the evening here. I just took my meds as I always do at 6 pm. Put my eye drops too. I am a little worried that my glaucoma has become worse and I may need to go to an eye surgery. It s very peaceful here, partly raining. How is your day going today?

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Fine. Great. Super.
No complaint

I woke up really early in the morning, but I was able to fall back asleep after I came back to my apartment. It’s really cold in here. It was 55 degrees until I turned on the little space heater the office leant me. I managed to get it up to 61 in here before my sister came and I moved the heater to the spare room for her. I’m cuddled up with my electric throw so I don’t freeze. So other than being cold, I’m fine. Hopefully the HVAC tech will come today and get my compressor replaced.

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