How are you today, we have the evening already

It has been a very warm summer. It is already the evening here. I am alone as usual in Friday evenings. I am still sad because my friend passed away suddenly. I am going to have my usual candle light ritual.


It is the morning for me. I’m trying to wake my mind up. I’m sorry for the loss of your friend. I lost a friend once suddenly to a horrible car accident. It was hard to cope with her loss. I feel for you.

sorry for your loss @mjseu =(

Tomorrow should be a good cycling weather. I am going to go to the market place. They normally have some music there.

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Its 1:30pm here, just had lasagna.

It’s 12:35 here. I am fine but bored.

Our summer has been a bit rubbish so far. Lots of rain. Last year was wall to wall sunshine April to November, but no such luck this year!

I am very well thank you. The Anti-Depressant seems to be making me feel much better

My Landscaping customer is also happy I think - he gave us some beers!

I’m doing good. I can’t say my life isn’t interesting.

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