How are you more ”nice”?

I don’t know, I love to get a paid job for being cute.:grinning:


you seem nice to me @Yellowdiamond =)

I don’t know if i am nice… i think i’m socially awkward so i don’t know if people perceive me as nice or just as weird.


What does it mean to “root” on someone?

In other words, you’re saying you’re just like your mother.

In many ways I am like my mother, regrettably. She fooled herself a lot, and I’m trying not to.

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Well.i think it means to cheer on someone. Be in someones corner. Something like that. English is not my first language so I don’t know exactly.


Nice is a good thing but I am not going to be weak irl so people take advantage of me which has happened many times.

Basically I don’t respect anyone who doesn’t respect me back. I’ll be the first to offer respect but if I don’t get it in return then I write the relationship off as bad debt and move on.



The American English term is to “root for” not “root on”.


May I root in he**. Jk. Thanks for clarifying.

I think all people are blind to their own brilliance. Like a star that can’t see its own shining.

(Ok I kinda stole that from Thomas merton :grin:)

" There is no way of telling people that they are all walking around shining like the sun ."


I think I am extremely nice…I am a giver which is why I don’t have much of my art left anymore, trying not to give as much anymore.


The psychologist thought I was a narcissist in high school one time. Then years later when I got schizophrenia another psychologist said that was bs and that a lot of teenagers have narcissistic traits and it does seem I have Asperger’s but who knows these days. It’s more cognitive aspergers and less physical.

I used to be a jerk before schizophrenia so schizophrenia helped me chill, become more empathetic.

I don’t know. I really don’t like therapists anymore. I believed some of my more delusional delusions but nobody on planet Earth believes in them except me. I’m starting to improve. I rather be more medicated and less intelligent than think ‘better’ or ‘quicker’ and relapse or stay home being poor and risk homelessness some day due to inaction and lack of being proactive. Preservation, anyone?

I’m pretty nice now. I think suffering so much in my head and with my vision helped me become a better person. Only benefit of schizophrenia. I think it fundamentally changed me for the better.

I’ve never been diagnosed or considered for a personality disorder, but asperger’s is sort of like one. I got OCD too.

I have avoidant traits and probably some slight paranoia due to Asperger’s when interacting socially.


There are opportunities almost every day if you look for them. Being tolerant of other people helps too.

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I’m not really a nice person normally without meds but the meds calm me and make me nicer. A lot of people think I’m a real jerk. I don’t try to be a jerk I’m just impatient and have anger issues. Nobody can tell though I seem super nice because I take meds.

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I’m not mean I’m just not the friendliest and I’m kind of picky about who I like

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I’m nice to a fault. I try to be not as nice at times, but others think it is out of character and don’t take me seriously. I find it hard to be mean. That’s just the way I am.

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