How are you guys doing? What did you guys eat?


The seconds I lost will never be given back I get closer and closer to death; gradually but surely. Reminds me that all progress is gradually but surely, one grain of salt at a time, reminds me this is how I aged and learned how to walk, this is how I saw every wrinkle form on my mom, and this is the same way I will die we live by seconds. Soon enough everyone I know will die if I am fortunate enough to out live them, even then I will see new life and to them I would be old life, I’ll be part of a chapter in the world. Life is one big hallucination.


I feel that the afterlife ties all of this together, where you hopefully get to reunite with loved ones and live in paradise.

About food though, yesterday, I tried a modified intermittent fast, where until 4 PM I had nothing but water and buttered coffee (mixed with a frother), then at 4 PM I had a big vat of Chinese food, and that was it for the day. Somehow managed to not gain weight.

Intermittent fasting is interesting, it puts the body in fat-burning ketosis mode, which is a low inflammation state that is great for lowering anxiety for a few hours.

The eating window is from 4 PM to 9 PM, where you can basically eat whatever you want (however you still have to eat light if you want to lose weight faster.)

I’m going to implement lots of veggies this time around, the Chinese food day was just an experiment.


i had delicious cuban food


Thank you for your view, it was very heart warming. Yes I think intermittent fasting is a good way to lose weight, especially with adding 3 or more servings of veggies and exercise.


Never had Cuban food. Is it good?


Do you mind if I send you a message in regards to your username?


No food since last night. It is now almost 5 PM. I should eat something but I’m just sucking down the water.

I used to be worried about death but after i passed out one day and crashed to the floor at the auction house i realized that if i hadn’t woken up i wouldn’t have been out anything. If that makes sense.


I suggest you eat something even if it is small, like banana. Yeah I see what you mean I had passed out from a punch and wondered the same.


I don’t mind. 1515


For dinner tonight I cooked myself some pasta with marinara sauce and meatballs made out of real hamburger. I didn’t put anything in the hamburger, so, the meatballs tasted kind of bland. Next time I will put soy sauce in them or something. Maybe some bread crumbs too and maybe some cheese and onions too with spices. Live and learn. I also had a Romaine salad with blue cheese dressing with some real crumbly blue cheese added. It was delicious. I also had a chocolate chip cookie with decaffeinated coffee, black.


Wow you made me get hungry again. Lol that sounds like a delicious dinner.


I’m feeling a bit meh, just had a vegan falafel wrap for lunch


Feeling frustrated with my neighbors.


Pepperoni pizza hotpockets and frozen chicken pot pies. Also have some cookie dough ice cream.


I knew I had to eat and my kids and ex husband came over and brought chicken nuggets and fries for me. Not exactly healthy but it’s food


Hello @ForlornSaint interesting post. I had only cereal so far today. I’m not very hungry today.


Is it due to an negative emotion? Or just not hungry for no reason.


I had pizza buffet, probably gained a pound.


I’m OK. I have a headache. I’m doing some paper work.
I’m hungry.
Gonna go out later today. To meet a friend which will be nice.


I am quite down right now and in a respite home until weekend. But they made a good dinner (fish chips and peas) and I ate that.