How are you feeling?

I am feeling fine at the moment,what about you?

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I have just recovered from a glitch in health recently by increasing the dose of my amisulpride. I am feeling good now and did a little reading and writing today. Besides that I read a lot reports on FIFA World Cup. I am a fan of Messi.

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I feel dead.

Like I don’t want to be sick anymore.

Yaay. Taaayy

I suppose I feel OK but I have worries and intrusive thoughts in the back of my mind, but I’m surviving…

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I have to say that I’m feeling great. Sitting on my balcony listening to this beautiful song called Hallelujah by KD Lang.

I hope it blesses someone with inspiration and energy, the way it does for me.



I like that song, too.

I’m waiting for the sun to come up.

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Today I’m feeling drained but relieved. More family is safely coming home from the wedding, all is well. Mom and Dad are driving up the coast to have some time alone with each other and I’m starting to get my strength back from this dizzying past two weeks.

I’m feeling a bit better then I have a few weeks ago. Few little problems here and there, but I’m working on it.

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I feel OK. I just finished spraying oven cleaner on my glass baking dishes and a little spray got in my throat. It tickles but doesn’t hurt. I’m listening to “40 Licks” which is the Rolling Stones greatest hits.“Goodbye Ruby Tuesday” is playing.


I’m feeling rather low, it took me hours to get up today, haven’t had that issue in a while, and I’ve re-caught the cold that was just going away so physically; I also feel rubbish, it’s one of those weeks! I’m upping and downing everywhere!

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I am happy right now because my cousin is about to get here. Haven’t seem him in a couple of months and he’s bringing some Colorado goodies with him so I am happy about that too !! I am going to sautee chicken breast in lemon pepper and mix it with rice for supper…don’t get to eat good a lot, mostly sandwiches, hot dogs or canned tamales…but tonight a feast !!


Spaghetti is easy to cook.You just put it in boiling water for about ten minutes. And buy the most inexpensive bottle of pasta sauce. It’s as easy as hot dogs.

I’m okay yet discontent.

It’s like there’s something missing.

My default state of mind is one of anxious discontent.

Feeling better now, thanks to mouth to Kentucky Fried Chicken resuscitation, and an ice cold beer.

Nice thick chicken, crispy skin. Ummmmmmmm. Yummy.

today I have started reading a new novel called FIVE STAR BILLIONAIRE by TASH AW. really got into this book right from the start it is excellent page turner


I think my trashiest moment was at 19 sitting in my car outside Planned Parenthood eating Kentucky Fried Chicken while the girl I’d hooked up with the night before got her morning after pill,…

Hmm… goodies that are to be smoked? Tsk. Tsk.