How are you feeling? What's up these days?

I’m being a bit obsessive and remorseful with my med change but I trust it’ll pass.

I’m brewing a new toon too

Feel free to say what’s up


I’m anxious about an upcoming antipsychotic med change; I’ve been taking this medication (Latuda) for over a year and now I have to quit it due to insurance issues. I already take another antipsychotic (Trilafon), so I have no idea what other AP my pdoc will start me
on next week when I see her.
I’m schizoaffective bipolar so Latuda was doing me favors in both mood and psychosis…oh well.

Other than that, I’m enjoying some kpop and coffee right now.

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I’m no doctor but I used to get zyprexa thru a program for 12 bucks a month.

Best wishes buddy

Have you looked into prescription assistance programs @neumaus

I don’t want to pry but there are options at times for people to get meds at low costs

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I am not been able to stable…i need some med adjustment…doses are quite high…!!!

I haven’t looked into any and I’m unsure if there’s any for Latuda or how to find them actually (and do I qualify as Schizoaffective and not Schizophrenia?). I guess these are questions for my pdoc…

Thank you for suggesting it though, I hadn’t thought of that. I would prefer to stay on Latuda but I’m not completely averse to switching to another generic atypical as long as it doesn’t make me too fat. I’m just afraid my pdoc will want to experiment with me and will choose to keep me off of a second AP when I just came out of inpatient because “one should be enough” bc my pdoc can be weird like that…until I become psychotic and depressed again, Lol.

I’m rooting for ya

I get it… My meds are just starting to settle

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Just A Day in the Life.

Good Morning.
Good Morning.
Good morning.

I had an epiphany this morning. I realized that life flows With, Within, or Without me.

But I get by with a little help from my friends.


Sounds freeing :grinning:

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So far I haven’t missed any appointments this month! Hooray!

My therapist suggested I might be experiencing petit mal seizures, and wants me to see a neurologist. Which I really don’t want to do. But I should, all the same. I will.

Have a cold right now… have been sleeping a lot over the past few days to try and recover.

Watched “The Village” yesterday and thought it was actually quite good, but not a horror film as I’d been expecting. I think it made me feel kinda down about humanity in general though. We live in a messed-up world.

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