How are you feeling today?

I am ok, finally the flu ended, it did last 1,5 weeks, during this flu I did not write any journal entries, because I felt really sick, now I have continued my writing.


I feel hungover today (I don’t drink)

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In this year I have been an outpatient for 10 years, I really like my meetings at the psych clinic when I can tell about my life and any problems.

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I feel so tired, like always.

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Glad to hear you’re on the other side of the flu. Horrible when you catch it. I shall be getting my flu vaccine as soon as i can this year. Glad to hear you’re back writing diary entries. How am i feeling? Quite honestly, i’m thanking god it’s Friday. It has been a bit of a yucky week at work, and i feel quite washed out and fatigued. Hopefully i’ll recover over the weekend.

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Thank gosh your flu is over. They can be so debilitating.

I am ok thanks for asking.

Just browsing the internet and looking up back up work cos Not sure this new place suits me.

TAKE care :slight_smile:

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I feel ok I’m on reddit just reading and made 2 comments

I am doing fantasmically great!.,

Thanx 4 axin (!_!)

Glad you fought the flu.

I’m feeling OK, bit arthritic from last night’s pizza, but woke up quite early, thankfully. 6:30 start. I was hoping for 5:30 but I forgot to set an alarm. This is workable though.

Looking forward to tonight’s bottle of wine. That, and a disaster movie.

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