How are you doing today?

I am okay, it is another Friday evening. We are going to have the warmer temperatures in a next few days, which is good. Bicycle paths are frozen and slippery and this means I am not going to ride my bicycle tomorrow, too bad. I am looking forward to spring, well 37 more days before it is April. I am spending my Friday evening and night alone as I usually do. I have been able to lose some weight, which means I am accomplishing my weight loss target that I set earlier in this winter. How are you doing today?


I’m doing good, waiting for class to start. Its skills day and that usually causes me anxiety but I’m pretty chill right now.

Congrats on your success with weight loss, may you continue to have even more success!

Same old stuff going on here, symptoms are a little active. Partner had to give 750 dollars out of her 900 dollar check to her parenta. I still haven’t heard from my case manager it’s been over a week

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