How are you doing really?

I’ve been at my new job for about 5 months now and have been slowly saving up for this computer chair. I think I may be able to order it at the end of this month or sometime next month.

My current computer chair is old and crappy. The arm rest is broken in half and irritates my arm if I rest it on it, and the seat cushion is all flattened out, it’s like sitting on a piece of wood, I have a pillow on it but it’s not all that great.

My insomnia is a b*tch but other than that I am doing better than I have in a long time. Thanks for asking!

How you doing @Owl82 ?

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Sorry to hear, @Niko_Alyxandir that’s a lot to deal with. Hopefully things calm down for you soon

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To be honest, I feel like s***. The last few days my sleep schedule has been off, then I woke up super early this morning.

My day started on the wrong foot, then these two people showed up to pile my firewood. They didn’t call me in advance to let me know they’re coming, so now I’m all out of sorts

I had to run into town to get the cash to pay them and I was still in my PJs

Then for some reason, a wave of depression came over me. I’ve been holding it off in the last few days I think, but it’s starting to show through. I really don’t want to deal with this right now. It’s like the last 20 years washes over me all at once. It’s an awful feeling

i’ve had 11 good days in a row, so im doing well for the most part, looking forward to moving out of my trailer and back in with my parents who live in a much nicer house, also i have no money because all my money goes to rent and food cost, and i still can’t eat how i want. no money for clothes or books, so i wear the same old stuff everyday, and can’t read at night. but overall im good, i’ve been tracking my good days and bad days, and my last 17 out of 19 days have been good days. the bad days make me think im getting worse but in actuality 89% of the time im doing well.


After two years of the upstairs neighbor being an as*hole towards me and trying to work it out I think we both just plain don’t like each other. I should have stopped liking him months ago. He’s very threatening and always ready to jump on any moment of weakness or prying into my coping skills. I’ve complained for two years to the counselor who oversees us and she hasn’t done one damn thing to help me solve the problem. Not once. In fact, she always makes excuses for him and I always end up excusing him or taking all the blame. What a screwed way to live.


I am doing well but I am in a precarious pickle atm.

since there is some serious uncertainty in my life atm

want it to disappear asap


Slight dip, but able to reality test. Care coordinator was told during our phone chat(supposed to be video chat, but I’d forgotten about it)


Right now not good. Just a few mins ago had a bad mood drop, no trigger I’m aware of, and now in the pits. Might be connect to yesterday, I had a tactile illusion of someone grabbing my rt elbow. I get that kind of thing occasionally, might be a precursor.

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I’m not that bad. Sitting on my couch. I’ve got a few things I should take care of, but I don’t have the motivation to do them, yet.


glad to read you are well seth the new.

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i am pretty well.

i am not psychotic.

i have insomnia but take tablets most nights for that.

i get depressed and anxious some afternoons before bed but its only mild.

i can feel happy and positive .

i am not as happy as i was out in the country.
the happiest ive ever been and the place i felt perfect home and family was out in counry with my x boyfriend in sa but i had to leave him to be vegan because being vegan is being true to myself and i couldnt stand glue traps because its cruel.

i have a lovely boyfriend i love and i only see him most weekends.

i am not productive but that suits me.

i am in bed most days all day but that suits me too.

i sit in bed because its warmer and comfortable and sometimes i sit on the lounge.

i seem to be pretty well really.

as said im not aaaas happy as in sa but im happy mostly i think.

i do not laugh often but it has happened wheres before i never ever laughed.

i take my medication and eat my vegan food .

i avoid my sister and nephew because they think they are superior to me but they are not.
they treat me respect.she hasnt got a clue she had easy life.they are so stuck up.
i have to meet them because i love her mum but i want relationship with her mum not her and there are a few people i could do without in my life yet have to meet on occasion but i avoid as much as possible.

i have loved ones.
have happy sexlife.
have fur babies.
have it pretty good.
thriving in a way.

as said still get anxiety and mild depression some afternoons and insomnia but im still well overall.


I’m doing ok. Have some negative symptoms but oh well. Have had a touch of insomnia then sleeping excessively once I do get to sleep lately.


Life is ok. Life is ok.


I’m doing ok. Been pretty busy. I have to go on campus tomorrow for a lab. The Professor speaks very softly so I have to sit at the front or as close to her as possible. They are dissecting cats… it’s too much for me, seeing them like that. I’m glad I don’t have to do it myself. Still very disturbing.

My history Professor wants us to do 12 to 13 posts for the discussion board each week, plus a quiz of 33 questions…

It’s a lot… I’m trying not to procrastinate and finish everything early… so I will be here less.

I want to wake up earlier so I can do more things in the day… I also want to start drinking only black iced coffee and cut out the creamer or almond milk.

Um my brother isn’t doing so well and I’m worried about him.

The person I’m dating keeps sending me random messages and I don’t think they are meant for me. I don’t see us becoming a real thing and it’s okay.


Wait until you dissect humans. 2 ppl in my class lost consciousness. Aren’t you in nursing? Maybe you will dissect humans later.


:persevere: not looking forward to the humans… but might be less disturbing than the cats… I really like cats… yeah nursing is the plan…


I haven’t been doing so well. Stress seems to build up really quickly while I am at work and I’ve only worked one day (out of nine) in the last three weeks. The current ap I’m on (max dose) gives me a clear mind and I can think quickly, but I just can’t handle any reasonable stress and it’s really painful. I’ve got a referral to a pdoc (my last one left town) and I’m hopeful I can get them to change my ap to something that is a little stronger.

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Hopefullly the new way of coping with mental chaos works out better. Still have some delusions that have always been there

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Bad, and it’s been bad for 7 years

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